Don’t Call it a Comeback! – A Guide to QR Codes

The History of the QR code: 

The QR code was first designed in the 1990s in Japan for the automotive industry. After being reached out to by tired users of the barcode, two men at a Japanese electronic company embarked on the development of the QR code. While working on this code, they found that the barcode struggled to hold a lot of information because of its form. With the QR code, they challenged themselves to make it 2D (two dimensional), formatted in two directions unlike the one dimensional line of the barcode, making it much more easily readable. Once released, the QR code was adopted first by the automotive industry to assist with moving materials within the production line. As other industries noticed this helpful contribution to their production process, the inventors decided it was time to make the code publicly available so that anyone would be able to use it, at no cost.

The QR code today

It’s no surprise that the world as we know it has changed drastically since 2020. With the impact from COVID, it has become second nature to reduce our contact with anything and everything. Cue the return of the QR code.

What was once something almost obsolete, has turned into one of the most highly used things today. It has been greatly utilized for people to retrieve information easier, quicker and safer. Some of the examples we know, and have come to love, today are:

  • Restaurant menus
  • Online ordering
  • Work/ Gym ID badges
  • Sign ups for certain events

With just a quick scan, this modern day barcode has now given the ability to make things a bit easier for just about anyone. QR codes will most likely continue to be a tool that will be used by both individuals and businesses.

Marketing Benefits of the QR code

Due to the pandemic, digital advertising has only advanced, allowing marketers to include more outlines in their next marketing campaigns. Being a universal code, the QR code has been recently utilized to help businesses reach the goal of providing information to consumers easier and more simpler. Despite not being able to hold a plethora of information, a simple scan can help connect customers to your online and offline media presence and be used as a “call-to-action” of your advertisement. On the other side, this can be another platform for businesses to be creative and also track the success of their campaigns more efficiently. 

Our Application of the QR Code

At DDL, we have started to include this code in our marketing efforts. For our client Seasons Corner Market, we created an advertisement for their hiring opportunities and included a QR code to help drive possible applicants to the desired job application. 

We also implemented a QR code on the plexiglass dividers at every Seasons Corner Market location urging customers to scan it to leave a review. The code brings them directly to the review page on the Google My Business profile of the location they are in.

For another client, we implemented a QR code into a flyer that drives them to online ordering, as well as including a discount they can use with their purchase.

As an agency, we will continue to find creative ways to include this universal marketing tool to deliver the needs of our clients and expansion of their digital reach. If you’re interested in how DDL can assist you with your marketing efforts, feel free to give us a call at (401) 943-7400 or visit our​ website​. We would love to hear from you!