Social Trends: 20 Creative Ideas To Stop the Scroll

Instagram is one of the fastest-emerging social media networks of 2021. Their user counts are increasing every day. Increasing user counts on Instagram is also known as increasing content counts. That contains many brands using the platform as a marketing zone.

Here are the 30 creative content ideas on Instagram, both for stories and posts, to satisfy the marketer’s creative piece. Let’s jump in.

Content Ideas For Instagram Post

Posts and stories are the formats of Instagram content that marketers think. 

But there are two other formats: IGTV and Live. Each one acquires its unique opportunities. Especially, IGTV is less popular but earns a lot of potential. 

#1 Promo Codes, Sales & Exclusive Offers

It makes the Instagram followers feel more special. Also, you can bring everyone to know when the offer sales get started. Another great idea is to create a unique promo code for your Instagram audience, and so you can know the people count you are getting from Instagram.


Quotes are still standing out from other Instagram content types since they are rare on the platform. Add a suitable CTA and perfect caption, which gives you more engagement.

#3 How-to Contents

Some contents on Instagram are more popular such as video tutorials, how-to contents, or recipes. Because they instruct how to do something in a simple way, it is advantageous, and you don’t want to be a videographer to make one.

#4 BTS (Behind The Scenes)

Brands and businesses differ from Instagram users, influencers, and bloggers. Because brands are usually scheduled and planned according to the strategy, some will plan before a month from posting, nothing wrong with it. For instance, show your new product that will launch after two months and tell your audience to stay calm until the date arrives. It drives you closer to your people.

#5 Sneak Peeks Or Interviews

It might not clear, but you can promote this content type on Instagram. There as follows:

Instagram Stories: You can share your exciting content selectively. Don’t forget to add subtitles to your Instagram stories because many users watch them with no sound option. There is various video editing software online, even for a budding artist to make Instagram stories more appealing. It helps to increase engagement rate with multiple Instagram story views for your content. Remember that every story runs up to 15-seconds. If you add long-form video content, Instagram automatically splits it into short stories.

#6 Trending Topic Content

Analyzing the trending topics is the perfect way to come up with fresh content like Ice Bucket and ten years challenge.

#7 Giveaway Or a Contest

It is simple. These are the content ideas and a perfect way to gain your fan base and overall engagement.

#8 Show Your Brand

Share everything you do with your teammates and your team atmosphere. Good vibes spread quickly.

#9 Share Your Screen With Employees

People need to know who they are talking to. So showing your employees builds more trust between your brand and users.

#10 Make Your Profile Like a Collage

It requires more preparation and steady planning. But it’s worth it if you do it; your profile looks more unique and brings engagement.

#11 Showcase Your Product In Super Way

Presenting your product should be creative, eye-catching. In simple words, people stop scrolling and pay attention to your post. 

#12 Make Use Of UGC

Brands love User Generated Content more, and it’s a great way to bring new content. Once you share your user’s content, they feel important and appreciated, increasing your brand’s trust.

#13 Throwback

Make fun of traveling back in time.

#14 Countdown

It creates more eagerness for the people on what is coming. Remember, don’t make a 50-day countdown which makes people irritate. Do short countdowns to get the people to stay tuned.

#15 Post Fun Contents

You can get something funny from searches and upload it on Instagram and tag it to the original creator. Otherwise, you can make your unique, fun content relevant to your industry.

#16 Series

Are you a creative minder? Use it to bring a super series that relates to your niche.

#17 Share Your Existing Content

Share your YouTube video, Pinterest infographic, blogs with your Instagram audience. Mention “link in bio” in your post and add a clickable link to your respective landing page.

#18 Share Tips Or Knowledge

It’s a great content idea. You can share your knowledge and can ask your audience’s opinion about that. It brings your brand’s trust worthiness to the audience.

#19 Show The Manufacturing Process

It will be exciting and unique to your audience. Sometimes it brings a big smile to your audience’s face. You want to use easily understandable language.

#20 News

It’s simple, share anything important to you. Based on the importance, post it on your stories or profiles. 

Bonus Tips

#21 Events

Share all your events. It offers many opportunities. Sharing the registration process, offers, event objectives, and final thoughts for your next event gives you more than expected.

#22 Numbers

Numbers always matter. Many are interested in numbers as it looks more impressive. You can mention everything in numbers, such as how many clients, and followers on Instagram, employees you have, coffees you had this year, and so on.

Now, you cannot say that you don’t have any creative content ideas to post on Instagram.

About the Author

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.