Social Trends: Video Reels & Why They Matter

In August 2020, Instagram shared their newest feature – Reels. Instagram claims that Reels are the new way to create and discover short, yet entertaining content on the platform. 

The 60-second video can be multi-clip videos or photos with various audios and effects. There is a direct comparison of Reels and TikTok. However, despite having a similar concept, both platforms are quite different and are used for vastly different content.

What Makes It Cool

  • Audio
    • You can add songs or original audio to your video clips
  • AR Effects
    • Effects/filters can be added to Reels that were created by Instagram and Instagram users
  • Timer & Countdown
    • Record hands-free with a countdown timer
  • Align
    • Line up objects and elements from previous segments to help create a seamless and effortless video
  • Speed
    • Choose to speed up or slow down your video

How It Works

Reels can be a series of photos, recorded clips or one long recorded video clip. Users who have a private account can share and post Reels on their feed. However, if users have a public account, they can additionally post their Reels on the explore tab to get more exposure to a wider audience. 

While scrolling through Instagram, Reels are found on the “Reels tab” on the bottom taskbar of Instagram. The feed of Reels is displayed vertically, allowing you to easily scroll up and down and is customized to each user based on their Instagram history. From this tab, users can interact with the post by liking, commenting, or sharing with other users. There is also a “featured” label on certain public Reels chosen by Instagram to help users discover unique and original content. 


What Should You Use Them For?

Easy to digest content created from businesses can grab the attention of new audiences. Hootsuite suggests 5 ways to leverage Instagram Reels:

  1. Share educational content
  2. Highlight your businesses’ products and services
  3. Share behind-the-scenes clips
  4. Announce deals and sales
  5. Utilize Reel ads

Keep in mind that not every profile will benefit from using Reels. It is specific to your needs and content.

So, Why Should You Use Them?

Reels put your content into a much wider audience than just your followers. By using the trending sounds, your videos live in a space where viewers can watch your content at any time when on that specific sound. It can reach people as far as countries away! 

Reels also prove to be beneficial with engagement. For the same reason mentioned above, there is also the opportunity for people to engage with your content days, weeks, or months after posting it! This increases page visibility and reach – which is always a win. 

Not to mention, this is a trending tactic in the world of social media. You don’t want to fall behind the times and not participate in this widely used form of marketing. Businesses should take advantage of using Instagram Reels to help leverage their target audience and market. This allows for a new and unique way to produce and promote content, that allows for more creative ideas. 

How DDL Is Utilizing Reels

DDL posts content on Reels that give an inside look into the personalities of the staff who work at the agency. We have used original sounds and trending sounds from Instagram and TikTok to create our videos. 

Our efforts have embraced the personalities and overarching brand voice of who DDL Advertising truly is. Most of our Reels are behind-the-scenes content and short educational content.  

Our social media team utilizes Reels as a way to make the content we’re posting more fun and engaging. If you need some help creating fun Reels content, let us help you!