Paid Media is an effective content strategy to help expand your brand reach, increase click rates and generate more traffic. 

What is Paid Media?

Paid Media is a method used by businesses to promote their content through sponsored social media posts, display ads, video ads, pop-up ads, and other promoted multimedia. This method of marketing can be an effective opportunity to help reach a broader audience, generate more traffic and increase brand awareness. The main goal of paid media is to help promote content and drive exposure. There are a variety of techniques and platforms that you can use to help improve your owned media. 

  1. LinkedIn– LinkedIn is the perfect platform to use if you are promoting a B2B audience. This platform can help you design a campaign and set a budget to help deliver content to the right audience. Sponsored posts on LinkedIn are found to have a positive performance. It is found that offers linked straight to a landing page converted at 500% higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate than a sponsored post. 

  2. Twitter– Twitter is a great platform to promote tweets, which is a great way to boost the reach of your most engaging tweets and get them in front of a new audience. Twitter allows you to measure impressions, clicks, media engagements and retweets on your content. Promoted tweets help set ad objectives and can be placed on users’ Twitter feeds, the search results page, promoted trends and through Twitter advertising partners. 

  3. Facebook– Facebook is another great platform that has a variety of paid media options. You can experiment with paid targeting advertising that can show up on your users’ news feeds. There are also carousel ads that you can buy, which is a swipeable series of images in a single ad space. This type of advertising allows advertisers to tell a better story and showcase more about their business or products. 

  4. Youtube– Youtube is a versatile platform when it comes to paid media. You can choose ads ranging from bumper ads, which are six-second ads, Google Preferred, which are non-skippable and mid-length ads, skippable and long format ads, or videos that have a format with a call to action. Another great paid media strategy that you can use on Youtube is partnering up with content creators who are on Youtube to help promote your brand. 

Here are some guidelines that we suggest before placing your paid media:

  1. Make sure your company’s website is functional, up to date and clean. It is important that your website is organized and easy to navigate so that there are no technical problems when a customer tries to visit it. 

  2. Your social media and online presence should be correct and consistent. If you are consistently posting content, this can help increase engagement with your audience and improve spreading awareness about your brand. 

  3. Be an expert on your audience! Understand your customer’s demographics and geo-target areas so you know exactly where to place your paid media. 

  4. Have clear objectives and a company message. This gives your audience a clear understanding of your brand and what it is trying to achieve.

Here at DDL Advertising, we use paid media for our clients all the time. This strategy helps build brand awareness, increase engagement, and grow your audience. Want to learn more about how paid media can benefit your business? Contact us today!

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