Need more ways to help advertise your business? Video Marketing is the best tool to reach your audience and to help increase brand awareness. With new tools being created and social media platforms creating video marketing tools, there are so many ways your business can create simple video advertisements. In 2019, internet users across the country enjoy video content and 85% of all internet users in the United States watch online video content monthly on any of their devices. Demand for video content is also increasing; 54% of consumers rather watch video content from a brand or business they support than look at a regular digital ad. The preference for video content is not just limited for entertainment purposes. Many industry influencers can be seen producing different types of video content based on the needs of their audience. Video is a powerful marketing tool that is successful for your business. 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool, especially since there is an increased demand for video content. The potential of using this tool can help increase user engagement and to improve brand trust. 

Consumers are seeing video content increase on every social media platform. The best way to reach your audience through video marketing is on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. 73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision. Instagram is becoming the fastest-growing platform that uses video content and also just recently included a shopping feature that allows users to purchase items right on the app. Video marketing not only helps with spreading brand awareness and keeping customers informed, but it also helps with increasing profit. 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the return on investment of their video marketing efforts on social media. A reason why video marketing is a favorable marketing tool is that it can explain everything in a visual format that consumers are more in favor of. 

As technology advances, there are more platforms and tools that can help your business design video advertisements. Whether you are an expert at video editing or simply a beginner, these tools guide you on how to make successful videos with no complexity: 

  1. Lumen5- This video marketing tool is one of the fastest ways to create and design videos for social posts, stories, and ads. This simple tool provides professional-quality visuals and access to hundreds of visuals and graphics from Getty, Shutterstock and more. You will also have access to multiple themes and styles that are custom-tailored for all social media platforms. Although Lumen5 provides all video mechanisms in a simple and uncomplicated way, this tool can also provide recommendations and suggest ideas for your next video! To learn more about how this tool can help improve your ads, click here: Lumen5

  2. Animoto- Animoto is another video marketing tool that can help your business increase sales, drive traffic and engage with your audience. Animoto allows you to create video ads while understanding how your videos are performing and measuring the impact of your video campaign. You can choose your storyboard template from multiple options or create your own. Choose from over a million Getty and Shutterstock images and video clips that you can add to your Animoto ad. Animoto also allows you to adjust colors, fonts, music and other features with their flexible style and design tools. With their video aspect ratio tool, you can optimize your ads to fit Facebook, Instagram or Youtube measurement requirements. To learn more visit their website: Animoto Video Advertising 

  3. LinkedIn Marketing Solution- Looking to advertise business to business? LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms to help exceed your B2B marketing goals with LinkedIn video ads. Their marketing solution helps run video ads to drive growth at every stage of the sales cycle and guides you to tailor your video campaigns to help build brand awareness and generate conversions. By creating a Sponsored Content Campaign, you can promote video content from the Showcase Page or easily from your LinkedIn Page. Enabling this can help expand reach up to 20% more with your target audience. Using Direct Sponsored Content allows your business to personalize or test video ads for specific audiences without it actually published on your LinkedIn Page. To learn more on how to create video ads click this link: LinkedIn Marketing Solution

Here at DDL Advertising, we strive to help your business grow and succeed. Video Marketing is one of the top tools we use to create ads for our clients along with creating posts across all social media platforms. This marketing tactic can help grow your audience, boost traffic, increase brand awareness and generate sales. Check out our examples of videos we have created for our clients on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook:

Wayside Youtube Ad 

Saccucci Honda Facebook Ad 

Longplex Instagram Ad 

Contact us today for assistance on how Video Marketing can help your business! 

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