Is your business interested in running pay per click digital advertising? You’ve come to the right place! Here at DDL, we are experts in running successful Google Ads campaigns for our clients. No matter what objective you have in mind, whether it be to build awareness, influence consideration, or drive action, we will help determine which makes the most sense for your business. 

Once an objective is confirmed, we will conduct market research and keyword analysis to determine how you stack up against your competition and which keywords to bid on. Next, we build a landing page specific to the objective with a contact form to track total form completion and conversions. 

When users click on your ad, they are then sent to the landing page where they can take action. Maybe you want to push calls? We can set up call-only ads pushing customers to call your business for services.

Pay per click advertising is a great place for getting in front of your target audience, building local awareness, and driving traffic right to your door. Let DDL set up, manage, and optimize a PPC digital campaign for your business today!