In 2022, we acquired our first national (now international!) client with plans to go global. Bow Wow Labs is an award-winning pet supply company focused on holistic health and safety. As our first e-commerce client, Bow Wow Labs allowed our team to stretch our creative muscles with implementation of new strategy and digital advertising tactics, exciting design development, and countless dog puns – we shih tzu not! 

Services Unleashed

To meet the extensive sales goals of Bow Wow Labs, our team pulled out all the stops to create our most comprehensive marketing plan to date, including our first ventures into direct-to-consumer email marketing, longform content writing, and retail packaging design.

Other services rendered include general marketing strategy, media planning and buying, and website management, among others.

bwl portfolio email photo
bwl portfolio email photo2

Re-Tail Promotions

To drive sales and prospect new customers, our team developed, pitched, and implemented a number of promotional campaigns, including the following:

Collagen Stick Product Launch 

Landing page, email announcement, organic and paid social media, and a science-backed blog post, focused on the health benefits of collagen for dogs.

BWL portfolio
BWL portfolio

Halloween Goblin Box

The Halloween-themed Goblin box was conceptualized by DDL, and became the best-selling bundle in Bow Wow Labs’ history. Plus, dogs loved ‘goblin up’ their natural treats and chews!

Cyber Weekend

Showcasing our team’s ability to turn on a dime, we re-concepted, re-pitched, re-designed, and re-implemented a promotional campaign for the biggest sales weekend of the year in a matter of hours after client fulfillment issues prevented our original plan from going live.

bwl portfolio black friday
BWL portfolio black friday

Holiday Shopping Season

To round out 2022, our team broadened Bow Wow Labs’ reach with prospecting and retargeting ads running on new channels, including utilizing programmatic targeted advertising, abandoned cart and site retargeting, targeted Reddit ads, and more.

BWL portfolio

Paws-itive Impact on Success and Growth

DDL’s creative contributions to Bow Wow Lab’s business structure saw nearly immediate results, with positive trajectories moving forward. Since our partnership began, Bow Wow Labs has seen a 31% increase in total sales (Q4 2022 compared to the previous quarter), and 5% increase in orders attributed to marketing, alongside a 43% boost in online shop sessions and 41% average email open rate, rounding out their most impressive year yet!

bwl portfolio

Raising the woof in 2023

Bow Wow Labs has unlimited pet-tential moving into 2023 with big plans to expand their marketing reach as well as their product lineup! DDL has worked through plans to develop and launch a new custom website, including an advanced loyalty and rewards program for customers. 

New products are on the horizon, with big plans to launch and promote to their wide and growing customer base. Bow Wow Labs is expanding their lineup of natural and long term chews, as well as branching out to provide new safety products for pups. 

Bow Wow Labs’ first national commercial has been developed and released on large screen streaming devices, bringing their company into the homes of millions for the first time ever – and we’re not stopping there! 

Stay tuned for more updates on Bow Wow Labs.