Paul Masse Chevrolet is a family owned car dealership with a large selection of new Chevrolet, GMC and Buick cars and trucks. As well as a great selection of pre-owned and certified vehicles. They have been in business 25 years and have three locations. They pride themselves on their One Price guarantee which surrounds almost all of their media campaigns.

Our team works with Paul Masse as an extension of the great team they already have.  We work hand in hand with several people at the dealership helping promote their brand as a whole, their exceptional service and any special objectives on a need be basis.

One campaign we are proud to be involved in is the promotion and push of the Bolt EV. Which is known as the car that has completely reinvented what an electric vehicle can be.  Paul Masse received close to 250 Bolt’s and needed to raise awareness to the public that if you were in the market for an electric car Paul Masse was the place to shop for one.  

We performed extensive research to target the right people. Especially because according to recent reports by McKinsey & CO. in the US, 30 percent of the vehicle buyers polled reported that they considered purchasing an EV, but only 3 percent actually did so.* We combined a number of different forms of media to help advertise this message. Across the board we are aiming to target auto buyers in the market that are environmentally conscious and fall in between age 25-49.

DDL Advertising placed social and digital advertising with video and static ads used or lead generation forms, dynamic display and cross platform advertising. These are a mix of the graphics our team has designed to use during this promotion.

Traditionally we combined live reads with local radio personalities, as well as broadcast stations like WJAR, WPRI and CW28.  A significant push was placed on early morning news and syndicated programming like Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. We rounded it out with a solid target Cox Cable schedule with a lot of reach and frequency.