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DDL’s partnership with Bow Wow Labs has continued to grow in a huge way. Bow Wow Labs wanted to elevate its relationship with its customers and enlisted our help to create something amazing for them. *Enter a loyalty and rewards program*

Not only will it drive profitability to the company, but also generously reward Bow Wow Labs’ customers, specifically those most loyal who already benefit from a product subscription model. Consider it getting more bark for your buck.

The first place to start was finding a user-generated content marketing platform to help us achieve this vision. With their help, DDL and Bow Wow developed the program strategy, fine tuned the rewards schedule for optimal return, and offered enticing benefits for consumers. DDL brainstormed the name of this point based rewards program and thus, Bow Wow Bucks, or Bucks, was born. 

How does it work?
Consumers making purchases from receive 5 BWBucks for each US Dollar spent. Once certain Bucks thresholds are reached, consumers are then able to redeem their Bucks in the form of a coupon or discount at checkout. The more Bucks you earn, the more they are worth, which result in greater benefit to those loyal consumers. Additionally, consumers are enticed to level-up to more beneficial VIP tiers. For instance, anyone can benefit from having a “Cool Dog” status, but there is more bark for your buck when graduating to “Super Dog” status (cape not included).

After the program strategy was firmed up and a successful round of quality assurance was executed, Bow Wow Labs was ready to unleash the program.

What does a Buck look like?
Our amazing design team went to the drawing board, literally, and created a unique looking icon to represent this program. While there is no physical representation of Bow Wow Bucks, this design lives in the digital space.



DDL formalized a thoughtful and strategic campaign. The idea of a “teaser” campaign came into play in an effort to peak interest leading up to an official announcement. The team took on a “less is more” creative approach, which presented a slightly edgier angle to signify the uniqueness of what was to come.

On the rewards front, aside from being rewarded on purchases going forward, Bow Wow Labs wanted to surprise consumers by preloading existing accounts with Bucks based on what would be considered their VIP status. BWL implemented an interactive grid on their website to offer up more Bucks to those who choose to engage, all while allowing the brand to grow its following and gain valuable customer data. The pups went wild!

Again, our amazing design team created this interactive grid to be displayed on the landing page. Take a look!


With a series of swoon-worthy “SOON” organic posts on social media, the campaign took off. Supported with email and SMS marketing, pet-parents across the country were engaged. Our goal was to generate momentum behind this newsworthy announcement to come. The teaser theme carried throughout all touchpoints, including a “sneak peek” landing page alluding to the major news, which also collected contact information to those most curious.

Take a peek at our sneak peek promo posts:

Web Header

Series of Social Posts 

Email and SMS

Sneak Peek Landing Page

Unleash the program!

After two weeks of cryptically leaking teasers, Bow Wow Labs made the official announcement in an impressive fashion.

Our team executed a nine post grid on Instagram and highlights tabs dedicated to the ins and outs of the program. Facebook had a condensed version of the IG grid pinned to their featured section. 

Email and SMS were all buzzing with excitement, too. An eye-catching, “It’s Here!” graphic canvased all of Bow Wow Labs’ platforms. Followers could learn all about the program with a revamped FAQ page and 101 blog dedicated to Bow Wow Bucks. Heck, even customer service was touting about it! All of this was executed by our amazing team. 


Instagram  Grid


SMS and Email

Web Header

Finished web page product:

Check out the link below for a full scope of the Bow Wow Bucks program!