Are selfies even still a thing? Yes, very much so. The “selfie” took the world by storm in the early 2000s, but really took flight in 2011 with the help of Instagram and filters. These types of photos flood social media news-feeds on the daily, so what better way to engage an audience than by having them submit one for a giveaway?

Cue our client, the Rhode Island Lottery. 

The RI Lottery wanted to do a fun summer contest that encouraged viewers to be involved. This contest would be multifaceted and have some pretty awesome prizes awarded in the end. We called it the “Summer Selfie Contest” – how clever! 

The Giveaway

The prizes for this giveaway were pretty huge. Every winner was guaranteed a Summer Prize Pack that consisted of $50 in Instant Tickets, a beach towel, t-shirt, water bottle and one of the following:

  • Kip Moore concert tickets at Indian Ranch (from Cat Country)
  • New Kids on the Block concert tickets at Fenway Park (from 92 PROFM)
  • 4 passes for the Block Island Ferry and a $100 gift card to Ballard’s of Block Island

The rules were simple:

  • Post a selfie to your feed at your favorite Rhode Island summer location
  • Use the hashtag #LuckyInRI
  • Tag @RILottery to be entered to win

Social Media

The contest ran organically on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for 10 days, as well through one paid ad on Facebook. Our team designed the assets which included organic, paid and reels content.

The paid ad results were very positive:

Our team found that on a day a post about the contest went out, the submissions and engagement went up – proving our efforts were working. See the spikes in data below that back up this statement.


Our client wanted to guarantee that every entry was counted and facilitated in the fairest way possible – cue the third party platform to streamline the process.

Setting Up EasyPromo 

Easypromo is a great third party site that makes hosting giveaways easy. For this campaign, our client wanted to run a selfie contest where anyone who wanted to enter had to post a selfie and use the hashtag #LuckyinRI. The best part about Easypromo is that once you connect the client’s desired social media accounts, the submissions are seamlessly pulled into the gallery on Easypromo. The even better part about this platform is the fact that it can incorporate multiple social media channels. This means we were able to connect their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for the ability to pool all of the entries into one place and pick from one big “bucket.”

Creating the Landing Page

Easypromo offers a large variety of functions. One of them is having the ability to create a  landing page where people can directly submit their entries to the contest. This was crucial to our efforts because the Easypromo software cannot pull images and copy from a Facebook feed because of their privacy policy. Our client wanted to incorporate this contest to their Facebook following, so this step was important. 

To work around this we used Easypromo’s landing page function to create a form where participants filled out their name, DOB, email and included their selfie. We put this link in an organic post on Facebook, pinned it to the top of the page, and boosted it so everyone had a fair chance of winning. This is the only platform that needed the landing page, since Facebook itself couldn’t be connected to pool the entries, as mentioned above. 

Launching the Campaign

On launch day of the Summer Selfie Contest we received 59 entries within 24 hours. The campaign received over 120 entries, when our client was only expecting 10 entries overall. 


The Easypromo landing page that was posted on Facebook ended up receiving the most entries out of all the other social platforms. The landing page received over 2,000 visits and the gallery page was viewed over 500 times. See the corresponding data below.

The End Product

Our team over-exceeded the expectations for this campaign and was able to draw in a great deal of engagement to our client’s social media pages. In just 10 short days, we were able to generate 120 submissions. Our client was extremely impressed and happy with the results. 

Do you want to run a fun contest but don’t know where to start? We got you! Give us a call to help with all of your social media marketing needs.