Anniversaries are a huge milestone that deserve to be celebrated, no matter the length. For our good friends and long standing client, Paul Masse Dealership, they celebrated their 30th year anniversary in June 2021. Paul Masse has been a staple dealership in their communities since 1991. Customers and community members alike have praised Paul Masse for their quality of work, their contributions to local organizations, and welcoming customers into their family. 

DDL has been working with Paul Masse for more than six years and we have formed a great relationship with them over the course of our partnership. We were really happy to be a part of promoting and preparing for their big 30th anniversary celebration. There were many steps taken in this process from logo creation, media buys, social media promotions, print collateral and more. 

This milestone was a time for the Paul Masse team to be proud of their success and history. It also proved to be a time to use this messaging as a marketing tool to advertise their brand and special offers far beyond the anniversary month.



We kicked off this project with a new logo design for the 30th anniversary unveiling. This logo was to be used during the months leading up to June on all traditional media placements, paid media buys, social media, print collateral, etc. The Paul Masse team wanted to stay close to their current logo, but highlight their 30th anniversary. 

The design process started with conceptualizing ideas for their team to look over. We presented them with 8 new designs in the initial creation phase. DDL kept all of the Paul Masse colors in the new logo to stick to their brand standards.

Once their team reviewed the mockups, they gave us creative direction on what they wanted to do differently. From there, our designer worked up some new ideas to present to them. In this round of concepts, we added more emphasis behind “30 years” on the logo.

Here is the final logo the Paul Masse team chose. 

Marketing Collateral

Once the logo was chosen, our team created marketing collateral for the Paul Masse team, customers, and for promotional purposes. The collateral included:

  • Lapel pins
  • Baseball hats
  • Key chains
  • Billboards
  • In-store signage
  • Newspaper ads

For print media, the billboard designs, in-store signage and newspaper ads were crucial to their advertising efforts. Paul Masse are big advertisers in the Providence Journal every week. It was important to them to make sure their new 30th anniversary logo was present on all of the car ads that they put out during this time.

The billboard, which is present on Route 95 in Rhode Island, is another big form of advertising that Paul Masse enjoys doing. The design was simple – emphasize the new logo and highlight this huge milestone.

The in-store signage was a huge promotional push they wanted us to help execute. Each dealership would have window banners displaying the new logo, Michelle Masse – the face of Paul Masse, and any specials they were promoting. DDL created a few different designs to display in the stores.

Social Media

DDL executed teaser posts in the months leading up to June. In May, we launched the full 30th anniversary video trailer, shot and edited by Star Trak Studios. We posted it organically and used a small budget to boost the video with a link click objective.

The organic video received:

  • 4,350+ impressions 
  • 1,875+ engagements
  • 100+ likes

The boosted video received: 

  • 14,047+ impressions
  • 9,256+ reach
  • 203 link clicks
  • 2,212+ video views
  • $0.49 cost per click

Once the video was circulated, DDL put together a series of informational posts about the General Managers and President of Paul Masse dealerships. This included a headshot taken during the promotional shoot by Star Trak, and incorporated a little blurb about them with a fun fact. This was an important promotional tactic to help viewers/customers get on a more personal level with these amazing employees. It was also done with the intent to highlight the hard work of these employees and the hand that they had in the success of Paul Masse.


Paid & Digital Media

Digitally, DDL helped to create a 30th anniversary landing page. The page incorporated the full trailer video, images of the three General Managers and the new President, and the specials they were running during May and June.

Other digital media to support the 30th anniversary ran on Facebook, Instagram, the Google Display Network and OTT/CTV. We combined several online tactics with different forms of creative, such as static banners and videos, to direct viewers to the new landing page. We curated specific audiences to reach the right people and ran digital media campaigns in the targeted geographic areas that pertained to each dealership location.

Here are some examples of the ads we put together to run on Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network:

Below you will find examples of ads displayed through Pre Roll and CTV: 

Traditional Media

If you didn’t see Paul Masse 30th Anniversary ads surfing around on social media, the web, or streaming TV, then you probably heard/saw it on local radio and TV stations.

The TV spots were aired on local broadcast and cable – WJAR, WPRI or WNAC, during all live news segments during different dayparts, Boston Bruins games and nightly prime time shows. 

Cox Media schedules ran during highly ranked network shows such as Tucker Carlson, Curse of Oak Island, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Fixer Upper and more.

The paid media campaigns consisted of significant reach and frequency helping promote their message and One-Price sales to celebrate.

For radio, we had on-air personality Amy Pontes do a live read about the 30th anniversary on Lite Rock 105. Her live read included a personal note about her experience with the Paul Masse dealership in East Providence, as she purchased a brand new Chevy Traverse. She also mentioned the 30th anniversary deals they were holding in order to celebrate. 

Overall the DDL team was honored to have been a part of this huge milestone – it is rewarding to work with clients in so many different ways. Here’s to 30 more! 

If your company needs marketing and advertising needs, of any caliber, give our office a call! We’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss what’s best for you and your company.