DDL Advertising worked with FirstWorks to end the year with Urban Carnevale: a musical festival. This virtual experience featured international and local artists that transported viewers from their couches to the creativity of the arts!


We partnered with FirstWorks in numerous ways to help them execute this live-streaming event. Our team delivered paid media, organic social media management, graphic design, public relations and overall marketing guidance. From start to finish, it was a challenging, but exciting task to be a part of.


The line-up of impressive talent included:

National sensation Wynton Marsalis debuting his composition The Democracy! Suite with Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra Septet

Local artist and acclaimed artist, Djembefola Sidy Maiga, with Grammy Award winner, Oumou Sangare


Latin Grammy Award nominee, Fidel Nadal


Born and raised Rhode Islander, Chachi Carvalho

FirstWorks Artistic Ambassador, Daniel Bernard Roumian


The electrifying duo known as Black Violin



National phenoms the Syncopated Ladies


Located in Providence, FirstWorks has been enriching the social, educational and economic fabric of Rhode Island through world-class art experiences for well over a decade. 


DDL Advertising’s first task was to help create an identity for Urban Carnevale.  We accomplished this by designing a logo that incorporated the right look and feel of the event, all while staying consistent with FirstWorks’ branding.

Once the branding for Urban Carnevale was established, we created a social media calendar for organic posts. This consisted of creating content, pulling assets, and scheduling. The messaging and tone we executed in a fun, informational, and stirring manner to pique viewer’s interest. 

DDL’s social media team posted consistently for ten days straight to create buzz around the new event. The content included an exciting countdown and trailer video created by Steer (located in Providence). https://vimeo.com/494156757/d6ee82e6c0

Public relations proved to be vital to this event. We had a short period of time to accomplish the goals at hand, so DDL reached out to our extensive list of contacts to help spread the word. We were able to get coverage in several places for Urban Carnevale including the local Providence Journal, WPRI the Rhode Show and a spotlight from Greg Cook. 



Spotlight for Roz Raskin by Greg Cook: https://gregcookland.com/wonderland/2020/12/29/nova-one/

Keeping a traditional presence, we chose to include a local buy on RINPR. We felt this station helped keep FirstWorks top-of-mind to a highly engaged and educated audience. This contributes to a good part of the value when weighed as part of a broader campaign.  The messaging for this effort was simple and short.

Paid media was the final piece to the puzzle to help track and prove ROI on the budget allotted for this campaign. Paid media incorporated a specific tone and retargeting messaging. We launched Facebook and Instagram ads to promote the event, as well as specific day-of event creative to push people to register for free and support local arts with a donation. 

The campaign delivered strong results and accounted for more than half of the registered guests and donations.

Other notable insights:

  • Providence-New Bedford DMA had the most tickets sold (90) at the lowest cost ($11.11 per ticket) and the most donated ($658.00)
    • New York was a close second with 86 tickets sold but with $275 donated
  • Boston (Manchester) DMA spent the second most amount of money, with only 48 tickets sold at over $20 per purchase
  • Significant skew to women with tickets purchased (85%), as well as money donated (88% of the total amount donated)
    • Particularly 45+ demographic donated the most money and purchased the most tickets
  • Mobile devices attributed 78% of the tickets purchased

What proved to be a powerful collaboration between DDL Advertising and FirstWorks resulted in a year ending celebration. FirstWorks dedicated their resources to help end 2020 on a high note, and in turn, saw great success from the work we provided for Urban Carnevale. DDL Advertising is ready to help take your business to the next level this year! We specialize in graphic design, media buying, brand management, social media and more. We serve the Rhode Island communities such as Providence, Cranston, West Warwick and East Greenwich, as well as South Eastern Massachusetts. Give us a call for a free, safe consultation today for all of your advertising and marketing needs.