The Rhode Island Department of Transportation enlisted our advertising expertise to execute a paid digital campaign. We were so happy to get to work with the RIDOT for this campaign… here’s how it went!

The RI Department of Transportation’s goal was to spread awareness about their snow plow fleet signups. For this campaign, DDL:

  • Created the digital designs
  • Formatted the designs to fit across social, digital media and radio
  • Placed media buys on social media and through geofencing
  • Tracked the reporting of the campaign
  • Presented the findings

Creative designs

DDL created and circulated a few different slogans and design options for this campaign.


Over the month-long campaign, DDL was able to generate powerful results:


  • 200,000+ people reached
  • 1.25+ million impressions
  • 1.68+ thousand clicks


  • 200,000+ people reached
  • 332,161 impressions
  • 1,851 clicks


  • 18,721 reach
  • 64,809 impressions
  • 82 clicks

Hear from members of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s team about working with DDL Advertising:

We did have enough people motivated to sign up so that we were ready for the big storm and did very well with coverage and with vendors responding. So I want to thank you for that. You and your team were responsive and proactive and totally got the job done for us.


“I have to say, it has been such a pleasure working with DDL.  You are very responsive and proactive.  Great first experience.”