Social media is used by millions of people throughout the world. It seems almost impossible to gain any reach, fans and followers without paying for it. Or is it?

Our client Mare Rooftop has one of the best rooftop, Providence skyline views in the city. In 2018, they opened their four season rooftop restaurant with Mediterranean inspired cuisine. Their aesthetic, views, and atmosphere capture guests immediately. Pictures of people dining and drinking at Mare have taken over Instagram. However, almost three years later, Mare still isn’t as well known in the area as they would hope to be. Cue DDL Advertising.

We decided to ramp up their already strong social media following by running an all organic campaign for three days on Instagram and Facebook. It was a simple giveaway that offered the winner an evening in their fabulous rooftop igloos for two people, all paid for by Mare Rooftop ($150 value).

This portfolio piece is the social media equivalent of a grand slam or winning the Super Bowl! When you have the right giveaway, that speaks to the right audience, you can succeed without spending any money. The results of this short campaign were amazing.

What did we learn from this?

  1. We’re definitely going to capitalize on this again for the upcoming months
  2. People love igloos and free things
  3. Instagram was the more popular platform, as it reached that specific demographic best
  4. The power of social media is strong. A simple comment, repost, or share can circulate your content farther than expected
  5. The average cost per new follower/fan to IG and FB combined was less than 10 cents. Making the return on the value incredible.  

Within five minutes of being posted on their pages, we had over 100 likes/comments. The amount of engagement that came in was overwhelming. Results like this don’t happen every campaign, but this giveaway proves that people do see what you’re posting and are paying attention. The challenge might include having the right content, imagery, incentive, etc. to capture them in the few seconds you have!  DDL Advertising is not afraid to try and get results without big budgets!

We are constantly helping clients, of all sizes, and working within their budgets. Executing paid media campaigns definitely contribute a better ROI over just organic campaigns. However, the DDL team is always ready to get creative and try different things to accomplish our clients objectives without spending money. It’s a win-win.  Mare Rooftop’s organic reach increased significantly that will more than likely result in additional revenue over time. 

DDL Advertising is ready for the next challenge! Reach out to us today and let’s get started!