Everyone knows what the lottery is, and most likely everyone knows what Powerball is. What most people don’t know is what days the Powerball is drawn. Originally, the jackpot was drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. But, for the first time since 1992, the game was adding another night of drawings – Monday nights. 

With this nationwide game change, the Rhode Island Lottery didn’t want to be just another lottery announcing the new night. That’s where we come into play. Our team brainstormed a ton of ideas but only a few made the cut for approval. After much deliberation, their team made a decision and we present to you one of the best gambling campaigns!

The Creative

The theme of our advertisement was 3 chances. Playing off the use of the number three, we incorporated commonly known uses of three. The concept of the ads were sketched as cartoons – to make it fun and appealing to all demographics (18-65+). We partnered with Idea Machine in New York city to help execute this portion of the campaign. 

A few of the most commonly known uses of threes that we incorporated were:

  • 3 wishes from a genie
  • A 3-point shot in basketball
  • 3 musketeers
  • 3-day weekend
  • A hat trick

For this campaign, we needed a 30 second video, as well as a 15 second video for a TV commercial and for social media purposes. We also encouraged gifs and stills to be included.

Forms of Media

Although this campaign was only running for three weeks, there were many moving parts that went into it. Our goal was to get as much coverage as possible in that short amount of time without oversaturating the market. To accomplish this, we used various forms of media.

Social Media

The social media portion of this campaign was executed in a manner that was informative and fun for the viewers. Our team initiated the campaign with a few teaser posts the week before we launched to help build up speculation behind our big announcement.

Once the campaign was underway, we scheduled our posts accordingly to create enforcement of the messaging. The use of gifs, stills, videos and reels were used to switch up the creative going along with the text.

Paid advertising

Of course to compliment our organic efforts, our team created paid advertisements to reach a wider audience through different mediums. These ads were small images that would appear on the side banners of websites, mid-text headers, and on online search engines, as well as 1080×1080 sized static and video running across Facebook and Instagram. 

Below you will find some of the banner ads we created for the campaign.

We saw a great return on investment from these campaigns. The results from these efforts, across all of the mediums we used, are below.

Facebook & Instagram

30s video
Video Plays: 77,372
Reach: 82,436
Clicks: 104
Post Engagement: 14,045

15s video
Video Plays: 73,903
Reach: 78,993
Clicks: 89
Post Engagement: 13,448

Digital Media

Ads Delivered: 2,797,738
In-Store Visits: 156,070 
Average CPA: $0.14
Average VCR: 98.25%
App Downloads: 60
Winning Number Page Visits: 1,394


English ad
Impressions: 163,800
VCR: 99.09%
CPM: $30.80
Top Genres: Comedy & News 26.82%
Top Devices: TV 91.28%

Spanish ad
Impressions: 151,706
VCR: 98.38%
CPM: $33.88
Top Genres: Drama & Comedy 41.32%
Top Devices: TV 78.29%


30s audio clip with static
Impressions Goal: 399,999
Impressions Delivered: 400,665
Reach: 140,535
Frequency: 2.85

Traditional media 

One of our specialties is media buying – and with this campaign, we put our expertise to the test! We had our advertisement running across 5 local TV channels and 5 local radio stations. The TV stations had our commercials running, while the radio stations had voiceovers. The commercials had primetime spots, as well as dayparts and regular flights. 

To accompany our native ads, we also had Spanish ads running. Spanish is the second largest language spoken in Rhode Island, so the lottery and our team wanted to make sure we hit every target demographic.

DDL’s goal was to inform the general public that Powerball added a new night of drawings. So if you don’t know, now you know! Grab your Powerball tickets today – with three chances to play, you have three chances to win!

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