Every business wants new customers, and one of the many ways to accomplish this is to collect their data. This will help the company to communicate information that will move people to take action and result in a profit for the business. In a digital world, there are a lot of moving parts that can fit together to accomplish long term goals and acquire profitability.  


This portfolio piece elaborates on two of the pieces of the puzzle that fit together well. First are online lead generation ads where you can collect data about people who interacted with your advertisements. The information collected can then be used to build up a customer database, newsletter audience, quotation requests and other viable business information. The main benefit from running lead gen ads is to help you gain customers/clients. We used the lead generation ad option right on Facebook Ads Manager. 


The second is email marketing through a CRM system. Mailchimp offers all the CRM tools small to medium size businesses need. It allows them to aggregate, organize, and manage audience data in one place. DDL Advertising is using this platform to help spread brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. Seasons Corner market consistently has product deals, job opportunities, new locations openings and fuel reward programs, so communicating with their customers beyond social media is a must. Building an email marketing campaign from the ground up includes acquiring email addresses, creating an email marketing base, properly sorting the contacts in the CRM, and executing.


Spending money on any type of advertising is necessary, but spending as little as possible while getting the biggest return is the ideal scenario. We used Facebook and Instagram to run lead generation ads in three markets – RI, MA and NH. We collected first name, last name, email and zip code to be automatically populated in MailChimp and used a $200 Seasons gift card and Seasons swag pack as the giveaway incentive. Seasons gave us a budget that we were able to work with and generate results from. Our goal was to maximize the effectiveness of our $500 budget per ad, and we did just that and more. We were able to accomplish a $0.53 cost per result.


We have launched this lead generation contest three separate times and, in total, collected over 4,000 emails. Campaign durations varied, with the longest running for 11 days and the shortest running for 7 days. 

The questions in our lead generation form were chosen carefully. We wanted to get the most important information about our customers without being too invasive or having too many things to fill out. This information is used directly in MailChimp to properly organize the contacts as they were imported. Since Seasons Corner Market has locations across MA, RI and NH, it is helpful for our team to know where their customers are located before advertising to them. 

Upon entering the contest, the user received a welcome email and poll (that was designed and executed by DDL) that asked them what they wanted to hear about most. This poll was then used to tag subscribers and send them future emails about things they were interested in.

After successful data collection, in this case user emails, we can now use that information for something more valuable; email marketing. It is an effective way to communicate to current members and customers, and reach future guests. Initial collection is the hardest part, but we made it seamless with our paid campaign. Email marketing is customizable and automated, which is a huge bonus for businesses. Give DDL Advertising a call to help get your lead generation ads set up or email marketing on track. We are one of the best local advertising and marketing agencies near you!

Here are the lucky winners of the Seasons Swag Bag and Gift Card giveaway!