DDL has managed a variety of marketing and advertising mediums for Paul Masse Chevrolet over the years, including email, print, social, digital, traditional and web. For the most part, our marketing strategy has remained standard and consistent. However, the arrival of Coronavirus presented a challenge for businesses everywhere, regardless of industry. We helped Paul Masse Chevrolet adjust their tone to reflect the seriousness of this emerging virus, while also remaining available and supportive for their clients. We made sure to coordinate Paul Masse’s messaging across all their channels to ensure the appropriate tone of compassion and empathy was hit during this transition.

Paul Masse Cares:

We wanted to establish a strong message that the Paul Masse Team took the health and safety of the community to heart.  At this moment of particular stress and financial insecurity, no one should have to bear the additional burden of worrying about their vehicle. We emphasized that several financing options were available for anyone who may be feeling the effects of the economic ramifications of COVID-19. Additionally, all Chevy, Buick and GMC owners were given complimentary OnStar crisis assist services to provide extra peace of mind during these uncertain times. 

Equally important to the concern of customer mental health and assuaging any present anxiety, was to ensure the physical health of clients and staff. In our messaging, we made sure to demonstrate that the Paul Masse facilities were being thoroughly sanitized and disinfected each day. We ran a campaign showing that the Paul Masse Team was adhering to all the guidelines put forward by the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. 

Finally, Paul Masse took several opportunities to give back and express their gratitude to first responders. We were present each step of the way to document their numerous acts of kindness and generosity. Paul Masse is an upstanding, charitable and prominent pillar in the Rhode Island community and more than ever it was important to capture those moments of positivity, hope and optimism. 


Email blasts served as the primary vessel for delivering critical updates to the Paul Masse community. The most important element to communicate was that Paul Masse cares, they were ready to help, and they were doing their best to make life easier for their customers. Email blasts reflected information that was specifically related to Coronavirus developments. This included buying a car online and having it delivered directly to a customers’ door, or letting people 


We took every opportunity to capture Paul Masse’s involvement with the community. To thank all the first responders who continued to suit up every day, many of whom are volunteers, Paul Masse catered a lunch for the Police and Fire Departments of East Providence, Narragansett and South Kingstown. 

We also produced a short clip of Paul Masse offering a brief message of support and optimism as the Rhode Island community faced the Covid-19 pandemic together. 

Social & Digital:

DDL curated the content that would be used for Paul Masse’s social media platforms, as well as paid media. Again, we wanted to balance the tone and messaging to highlight the meticulous process Paul Masse was taking to keep their facilities clean, as well as spread the word of the generous offers they had for qualifying customers during this pandemic period. 


We handled the management of updating their website to notify visitor’s of the updated COVID-19 policies and wrote the PR material that was used to keep customers, vendors and employees alike, informed. 

PR Writing: Here are is an example of PR writing we provided for Paul Masse:

With the recent developments of the coronavirus, we have received a lot of questions and concerns regarding the availability of routine vehicle services and maintenance. We want to reassure our community that Paul Masse Chevrolet, Buick and GMC will be open to handle all of your car needs and more. In this time of particular stress and uncertainty, no one should have to bear the additional burden of worrying about their vehicle.  Our team is working around the clock to keep everyone safe. We have enacted strict hand-washing protocols, our cleaning crews are continuously cleaning all surfaces and interiors, we are practicing social distancing with employees and customers, and no one is allowed to come to work who is sick, or has been around someone who is sick.

We want to stress that safety is paramount at this time. If you cannot leave the house, or do not need to, please stay home. We will be offering a 24/7 service support line at all three of our locations, as well as a live chat feature to speak with a representative from Chevrolet at https://www.chevrolet.com/chevy-cares-were-open.

All Chevy, Buick, and GMC owners qualify for complimentary OnStar crisis assist services as we navigate the situation at hand. With crisis assist, you will have access to specially trained Advisors who are ready to help 24/7 during emergencies and other unexpected situations. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these benefits while they are offered, just for the extra peace of mind and security. 

Finally, we understand that many people are feeling the economic repercussions from the past few weeks and may be facing some questions of financial concern. We want to help alleviate these anxieties any way that we can, and alternative financing options may be available to you. Paul Masse Dealerships will be available to address financial matters.

Please be careful, be safe, and be optimistic, we will get through this. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, we will be working around the clock to answer any problem that may arise. The Paul Masse Team is committed to your safety as well as our Team. We are taking all the recommended proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who visits any of our locations. We want to express my gratitude to all the Paul Masse Chevrolet community who are working hard to make sure we can meet every demand. God Bless!

Thank you,

Paul Masse

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Finally, we rounded out our work for Paul Masse by taking care of the finer details. We updated their hours, dealership policies and information to keep make sure all of their information was consistent and accurate across the internet, print and over the air.


The out pour of responses that Paul Masse received through the COVID-19 months were overwhelmingly positive.