Save at the pump with Seasons

DDL Advertising has put together a campaign for Seasons Corner Market’s Fuel Rewards® program! In addition to the 2022 objective, continuing to grow brand awareness in RI and MA, we were tasked with gaining sign ups for the Fuel Rewards® program. We chose to do so with a robust, targeted digital campaign. Now is a perfect time to start saving while pumping gas so we capitalized on this opportunity to reach new members. 


For this campaign, we executed this digital strategy to target those that would be interested in the Fuel Rewards® program and what Seasons Corner Market has to offer.


  • Address Curation – targeting shoppers who live within our target zip codes who meet specific interest and demographic selects
  • Keyword Search – reaching anyone within our target zip codes who are searching for terms included in provided keyword list
  • Site Retargeting – re-engaging with website traffic.  Reaching Adults 18-65 with interests in any of the following: Gas, Filling Station, Convenience, Convenient Foods, Healthy Foods, Beverages, Convenience Store, Fresh, Fuel Rewards etc


The campaign’s main focus was to promote discounted rates for gas through the Fuel Rewards® program. DDL Advertising used these creative tactics to support our target demographics:

  • TXTTKR (see example below)
  • Email marketing/retargeting: retargeting abandoned website visitors 
  • Targeted Digital Display Ads/Programmatic

By using retargeting emails, we were able to remind people of the Fuel Rewards® program that they showed interest in by clicking on our strategically placed ads. This was done to encourage Fuel Rewards® sign-ups even further. Through our email marketing plan, we were able to send automatic welcome emails to new customers to inform them of who is Seasons and what they offer.

This is an email example we sent as a follow up after we captured the user’s email addresses with the AV tactic. From here, we can also keep them permanently in their CRM system and remarket to them monthly through our email marketing. 

TXTTKR is a new form of advertising that DDL has been utilizing. TXTTKR is a small, scrolling banner ad that is served to people through their phones on any search browser. Click this link to view the messaging we used for Seasons:

DDL Advertising also implemented static display ads across popular managed networks. Static display ads are an extremely effective way to target your audience while they’re scrolling through the internet – whether on their phone or on a desktop. The ads are clickable, and we send visitors right to the Fuel Rewards® sign-up page.

Google Analytics has reported significant growth in website traffic and visits to the Seasons Fuel Rewards® page. Google Analytics indicates that their unique visitors are up 77% and website traffic as a whole has increased 75%

Despite us losing the customer’s journey once they click through to the Shell Fuel Rewards® page, the Fuel Rewards® sign-ups in the last three months of 2022 are higher than previous year’s numbers. 

If you haven’t signed up for Fuel Rewards® yet, we encourage you to do so. If you are looking for kick-butt advertising and marketing help, we encourage you to call our team!