Here at DDL Advertising we have nothing to hide, listed below are the rates are services start at.  Keep in mind that every client and project is different, in many cases we custom tailor a package that would be a good fit for you!  If this is your first time working with our agency we thought it would be good to share some cost effective company rates so you have an idea of what to expect.


  • Any branding, public relations, research, basic industry consulting, soliciting social media influencers, bloggers, general project execution or client management, sponsorship solicitation etc. In addition to creative help any necessary radio scripts/TV/copy/tag lines providing reporting etc.
  • Account Management: $65 per hour
  • Account Assistant: $75 per hour
  • Multicultural & Diverse Communications: $90 per hour


  • Updating/Monitoring Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube Channel & Instagram
    Includes a minimum of 3 organic posts per week combo of company culture and target objective
    Managing content and keeping response rate high.
  • Social Media Management: $85 per hour
  • Social Media Assistant: $70 per hour


  • Management, placement & reporting for any display, mobile, geo, retargeted advertising.
    Any SEO & analytical management, website updates & reporting.
    Weekly or monthly budget for FB or digital ad placement is to be determined and paid for by client.
  • Digital Media Management: $90 per hour


  • Provide assistance of creation of mailers, marketing material, billboards, digital, print designs, social media, and copywriting.
  • Creative Design Management: $90 per hour
  • Graphic Design: $85 per hour
  • Copywriting: $75 per hour
  • Photography: $90 per hour


  • This service includes any website work from coding, design, updates, services, changing designs or any general SEO, pixels/tagging
  • Web Development: $95 per hour
  • IT specialist: $150 per hour


  • Production Manager: $80 per hour
  • Post Production Manager: $80 per hour
  • Traffic Manager: $80 per hour
  • Technical Assistant: $85 per hour


  • Email marketing services can include designing email templates, constructing a marketing campaign with scheduling and analytics provided.
  • $45 per hour


  • Brand development, analytics, market research, demographics, polling, focus groups.
  • Research Management: $90 per hour
  • Research Assistant: $65 per hour

MEDIA BUYING & PLANNING including traditional & nontraditional media

Provide Media Buying & Planning

Provide Market Segmentation & Research as needed

Meet bi-weekly (or as needed) with the marketing team

Coordinate and manage all media placed, including executing the buy, trafficking & monitoring

Pay all media bills directly

*Price based off budget client provides, ranges between 4-10%

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