DDL Advertising has a wide repertoire of clients from various industries. One of our current clients is Seasons Corner Market. Seasons has recently launched an exciting new campaign that gives customers the chance to save money while filling up on gas.


Seasons Corner Market and DDL Advertising worked together to come up with the campaign logo “Watch your dimes turn to dollars”. The logo is clever in that it alerts Seasons’ customers of the ability to save money on gas while also enjoying various items at the corner store.


This special offer launches April 4th and will run until the end of May. The deals are Mondays through Thursdays, each day featuring a different product.  Each time a customer purchases the days’ corresponding product, they receive ten cents off per gallon of gas. The customer has the option of purchasing multiple items-of-the-day, allowing their gas price to be further lowered.

DDL Advertising has had a monumental role in all aspects of the campaign. We’ve proposed several ways for Seasons’ customers to gain awareness of the incentives. Such proposals include elements like the name of the campaign, the individual day slogans, design specifications, and the spot that will run at every gas pump. In doing these things, DDL’s goal was to intrigue the customer through stimuli-advertising. We are also running a social media and digital campaign to spread the word!

This type of advertising requires fun and creativity – that’s why DDL Advertising loves it so much! Check out all of the design elements the team created and make sure to stop in and benefit from this special offer.




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