We worked to improve Southcoast Smiles’ digital presence through local SEO, metadata practices, and Facebook ads. Since SEO plays a powerful role in the success of all businesses, we shifted our focus to this direction to deliver the best results to our client.

In order to ensure that Southcoast Smiles stands out on the search engine results page as a relevant listing, we reviewed the local SEO to make improvements. We catered the information to relevant people in local areas who search for dentists in the Seekonk radius and surrounding locations. Searchers then know that Southcoast Smiles is there and relevant to the information they are seeking. This was a cost free process which improved their listing rank tremendously.


Southcoast Smiles’ rank on SERP

Next, we worked on improving their metadata by researching dental keywords and search queries to determine how people search for them. We know from experience that long tail keywords outperform broad keywords like ‘dentist,’ so we focused on long tail keywords that are more specific and targeted. From there, we scanned each page of the sitemap for content that ties into titles and meta descriptions. We looked through it to find particular data and code on the back end of the website so that when Google crawls the page, there is no discrepancy. The meta title, description, and keywords data were sent to the developer to be inserted as code on the website. Through this, we advised the developer to create and export sitemaps out of both pages to submit to Google Search Console, which then tells Google what exactly to post rather than automatically posting.


Retargeting ad focused on anyone who visited the page for the in- office savings plan. It included a static image separate from the slideshow.

Southcoast Smiles has strong Google reviews and a 4.2 average star rating, which is even better for SEO purposes. Posting on Google My Business is also a simple way to update what your business is up to by posting images and videos. This shows that your account is active and in turn, rewards your business with a higher listing on the search engine results page. Plus, people can access information like hours of operation, photos, and a phone number to get in contact with you.

Hold up, it doesn’t stop there! We utilized Facebook to run paid and retargeting ads regarding their in-office savings plans and the benefit of insurance negotiation in the hands of Southcoast Smiles. We split tested several audiences to target users effectively and optimize ads based on results. The paid ad included a slideshow of creative executions with their jingle promoting affordable dental insurance.

To successfully reach the audience with the most potential, we targeted 26+ since they are no longer on their parent’s insurance and are likely to be actively looking for dental insurance. In addition, we targeted people likely to work for small businesses or own small business with 49 or less employees. We filtered by HHI excluding high income and high net worth users because they have benefits with the company they work for.

We took first party data and uploaded it into Facebook to cross reference active user accounts and created lookalike audiences off of those. Also, we targeted users who engaged with the Facebook page in the last six months including a lookalike off of that.

static-digital-presence-ddl-advertising-perfect-smiles-retargeting ad

In-office savings plan sponsored static ad 

In addition to improving their digital presence, we worked to write and produce a new patient video, which will be sent to new patients to welcome them to their dentistry and showcase all of the great services Southcoast Smiles offers.

Well, that just about covers it. We completed a full site audit to scan for improvements, ran advertisements on Facebook to promote their in- office savings plans and affordable dental insurance, and conducted lots of research to support what we did. If your business needs SEO help or recommendations on the digital front, we’ve give DDL a ring!

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