We are ending the year on the right foot with the launch of two website redesigns we have been working on diligently for The Coalition for Social Justice and Uncle Tony’s Pizza & Pasta.


The Coalition for Social Justice is a company that stands for social change in low income communities of color that may be excluded from the economic benefits offered in the current system. Their actions are embedded in the principles of unity, multi-issue, and power at the grassroots. They aim to develop leadership and build campaigns that address economic issues that these communities face. Their new website reflected their values and mission to serve the community and acted as a strong middle ground with any and all information sought out by visitors.




Uncle Tony’s Pizza is a pizza restaurant currently located in East Providence, Johnston, and Cranston. With their first location opened in North Providence in 1969, they have since expanded but still continue to offer the same delicious dishes to the community from pizza to pasta. Their previous website was outdated and did not present their food options to their best potential. For restaurants in particular, it is important to include visuals of food offerings to further entice customers’ interest. Customers are visual and prefer to see the food they can enjoy to get a taste of what it is like! The new website redesign allowed for better user functionality including separate pages for each location and an easily accessible way to contact the restaurant.




Both sites were outdated and desperately needed a refresher. We redesigned two all new websites that are user friendly with compatible functionality and responsiveness on desktop and mobile devices.


Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for… why should you refresh and update your website? What benefits can it bring?

Redesigning and updating your website attributes to the following success factors:


  1. Driving Traffic- with a refreshed website, your website will receive more traffic, AKA visitors!
  2. Credibility- customers trust websites that are monitored and updated frequently. This shows that the business cares about the content they present and maintaining a positive perception.
  3. Relevance- a website that is updated calls for more relevance to the consumer and for SEO purposes. Crawlers are better able to analyze your website data and identify what is most relevant to users’ searches when the content is updated and descriptive.
  4. Reliability- a website that is up to date and physically appealing allows customers to rely on it for the information they need including contact info, address, etc. customers prefer to be informed frequently about updates. Stale content will cause users to steer away from your website.
  5. Engagement- customers are more likely to engage and be interested in your website if the content is fresh.


We recommend a new website every two years! Customers attribute more credibility to businesses that consistently work to better their brand image and provide them with updates.

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