When the holidays are upon us, many things come to mind… shopping is one of them. With today’s times there are so many options it is hard to stand out from the crowd and clutter. Especially with the ability to shop right online. 

Wayside Shopping Center in Burlington, MA and Garden City Center in Cranston, RI, both owned by Wilder Co. wanted to do something a bit different from traditional media buying.  That’s where DDL Advertising came in and helped the two major properties shine with a big digital push combined with some trust-worthy radio, broadcast and print.

From the Providence Journal post-it notes, Polygonning, to targeted display with retargeting, our team helped them plan a well-rounded effective Q4 buy. 

We placed digital media ads on specific ad networks that portrayed shopping, dining and an overall experience you could get during the holiday season.
We also used YouTube for 5 + 15-second insertion video ads. 
Reports portrayed the results- one tactic we used, polygonning delivered just over 375,000 impressions between using behavioral targeting, lookalike audiences, and retargeting. The return provided 764 clicks to the website which is a 0.20% CTR and more importantly tracked visitors’ smartphone devices in November and December that proved more than 10,000 people visited Wayside due to the paid media campaign we ran. 
Here is a look at some creative used. 
Garden City Center also had a tremendous return using the same tactic. They served a lot less impressions, but drove traffic to the center. The polygonning efforts delivered 245,000 impressions, 943 clicks to the website (0.38% CTR) and just over 9,000 smartphones tracked at GCC.
Here is a look at some creative used.