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Our portfolio isn’t just a showcase; it’s a testament to our versatility and commitment to excellence. Whether it’s through captivating print campaigns that leap off the page, dynamic out-of-home displays that command attention, immersive video content that tells stories, captivating photography that captures the essence, or engaging social media strategies that spark conversations, we’ve done it all—and more.

At DDL Advertising, our expertise goes beyond just creating eye-catching visuals. We’re masters of strategy, branding virtuosos, and media mavens. From crafting compelling brand identities to devising foolproof marketing strategies, from building intuitive websites to executing targeted media buying plans, our comprehensive suite of services ensures that every aspect of your campaign is meticulously handled with finesse.

But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to delivering results. We measure our success not just by the accolades we receive but by the tangible impact we create for our clients. Whether it’s increased sales, enhanced brand awareness, or driving meaningful engagement, our work speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our approach.

Portfolio Overview


Since 2019, DDL Advertising has played a key role in the branding of PVDFest, Providence’s highlight annual festival. Our assignment encompasses creating visually compelling outdoor signage, stage banners, bus wraps, and a cohesive social media branding presence that mirrors the festival’s vibrant celebration of music and art. Each year presents a fresh challenge to elevate our previous work, aiming to enhance the festival’s brand in a way that captivates both new and returning attendees while maintaining the essence that the community has grown to love.

Our approach involves deeply understanding the festival’s dynamic nature and translating that into our designs, ensuring every piece of branding not only captures the spirit of PVDFest but also contributes to the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the event. This focus on creating impactful and memorable branding is part of our commitment to the project’s success, making PVDFest not just an event, but a visual spectacle that embodies the joy and creativity of Providence’s beloved festival.

Check out all of the ways we have worked with PVDFEST over the years and some BTS of the DDL team there.  

Bow Wow Labs

In our exciting collaboration with Bow Wow Labs, a Fortune 500 pet care company, DDL whipped up a branding storm that turned heads and wagged tails. Our makeover of their packaging and merchandising design not only made Bow Wow Labs pop on Target’s shelves, nationwide, but also wrapped the brand in fun and safety, making it irresistible to pet lovers. By weaving in a loyalty program, we created a close-knit community, binding customers with the joy of rewarding experiences.

Launching new products became a celebration of innovation, with DDL steering the narrative to spotlight Bow Wow Labs’ creative solutions for pets. Our digital prowess shone through advertising that caught eyes across screens and social media content that sparked conversations and laughter in equal measure. Personalized emails kept the warmth of Bow Wow Labs in inboxes, turning every message into a heartwarming nudge from a furry friend.

From new product rollouts, national CTV, digital and email campaigns to photo and video shoots. Check out all of the ways we have worked with BWL over the years and some BTS.

We even shared the 5 star review they left us on Google.

The Good Shark

DDL Advertising was instrumental in evolving The Good Shark from a mere concept into a powerful brand that blends fashion with purpose. By establishing a unique brand standard and voice, we laid the groundwork for a narrative that goes beyond aesthetics. Our creation of a custom website and garment designs breathed life into this narrative, ensuring every piece tells a part of The Good Shark’s story.

Through our in-house photography and videography, we captured the essence and impact of the brand, engaging audiences with content that mirrors their mission. This comprehensive branding journey crafted by DDL not only elevated The Good Shark in the fashion world but also underscored its commitment to making a meaningful difference.

The Good Shark is a testament to how style can be a vehicle for change, inviting everyone it touches to be part of something bigger. Take a dive deeper and discover how fashion meets purpose, inspiring a wave of change.

Check out all of the work we have executed for this ecom startup and kind words our client has shared about working with us.

R.I.D.E Americorp

DDL Advertising worked with the Rhode Island Department of Education on their Serve RI initiative. Through this campaign, RIDE wanted to increase awareness of the programming, and drive applications through targeted ad sets.

Our team had the pleasure of capturing all of the collateral used in this campaign from concepting, coordinating, shooting, editing, and placing. These ads ran on digital platforms through programmatic display, OTT, and YouTube. The goal of this campaign was to reach 17-26 year olds looking to better themselves and the lives of others.

DDL wanted to ensure that we hit the main demographic of 17-26 year olds and their behaviors, interests and viewing habits.


Nexterra is a dent repair solutions company that is nationally and internationally recognized. The DDL team assists them with branding for van wrap designs, trade show booth displays, digital advertisements, and print out educational pamphlets. With our guidance, their branding in B2B and B2C segments has evolved over the last several years into what it is today. We’ve leveraged our expertise to amplify our auto industry clients’ brands, positioning them prominently in the minds of consumers, insurance partners and business partners alike. 

Through targeted campaigns, precise media buying, and creative storytelling, we’ve successfully navigated the competitive landscape, driving brand awareness and engagement at a national level. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that every aspect of the branding effort aligns with our clients’ objectives, whether it’s introducing a new vehicle to the market, fostering dealership relationships, or enhancing online presence. With a focus on measurable results and strategic growth, we continue to propel our auto industry clients to new heights, establishing them as leaders in their respective fields.

Whether it was marketing collateral, social media management trade show signage, digital ads, photography to videography. Here is some of the work we are most proud of and the 5 Star review on Google they left DDL Advertising.

RI Department of Environmental Management

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management initiated a campaign to bolster their RI Seafood brand awareness campaign, and DDL Advertising was selected for the task. We exceeded expectations, employing our expertise to create a cohesive brand presence across billboards, digital platforms, and paid social media campaigns. Utilizing RIDEM’s striking photography, DDL Advertising skillfully blended our creative insights, producing a campaign that resonated deeply with the audience.

Through numerous consultations, asset collection, and a deep dive into the campaign’s requirements, DDL Advertising launched an extensive media strategy to support various goals for the season. By leveraging out-of-home advertising, digital, and social media channels, we have effectively immersed the RI market in the campaign, showcasing the individuals, locations, and environments where fresh seafood is available in the Ocean State. Our efforts have significantly enhanced both brand and specific campaign awareness both in the local market and online.

Check out all of the work we have executed for this campaign.


DDL Advertising has been partnered with Longplex Family & Sports Center since its inception back in 2016. DDL Advertising’s Boss Lady even thought of the companies name so many people have grown to know. DDL Advertising has been part of building Longplex from the ground up. We not only created the name but logo, website, and the company’s whole look and feel. As well as most of the entities inside the establishment, such as Sports Kitchen and LP Fitness. 

Through the years and today we continue to provide all of their designs from billboards, digital and paid social advertisements, merch designs, direct mail to print collateral. We manage not only the overall brand awareness but targeted advertising, securing outside sponsorships, PR and more. We help manage their social media platforms and have produced several videos for local broadcast advertising to investment solicitation. 

Collaborating closely with our client over the years, we crafted comprehensive strategies aimed at boosting awareness and engaging their target audience more effectively. There is still so much to be done and we are proud to be a part of all Longplex’s success.

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Seasons Corner Market

We have been working with Seasons Corner Market for 10 years. When the owner hired us the only asset they had was a logo. Since then we have worked hand in hand with them to help grow awareness and position them as the top-notch C-Chain store in the region. From its modest beginnings with just a handful of stores, we have been alongside Seasons Corner Market, assisting in its expansion to become a distinguished presence with over 50 locations across New England. Our agency’s contribution through strategic media buying and comprehensive marketing strategies has played a pivotal role in this success story.

Our collaboration has been deeply rooted in understanding Seasons Corner Market’s vision and the communities it serves, allowing us to tailor campaigns that effectively communicate their values and offerings to exceed customers expectations. 

As Seasons Corner Market has grown, our strategies have evolved to meet the changing landscape, ensuring that each campaign not only resonates with the target audience but also supports the brand’s overarching goals of growth for guests to know they are so much more than a convenience store. 

The trust placed in DDL Advertising to oversee and execute over the last ten years is a testament to our expertise and relationship with the Seasons Corner Market team. We have also helped with their newest venture Corner Market Cafes, which are opening up in Seasons throughout the region. So as Seasons continues to flourish across New England, DDL Advertising looks forward to continuing our support, driving further growth and helping to solidify their position as a leader in the convenience store sector.

Check out all of the ways we have worked with Seasons over the years and some BTS.

Rhode Island Lottery

DDL Advertising takes pride in our strategic partnership with the Rhode Island Lottery, a collaboration that showcases our expertise in media buying and strategy. Our agency has been instrumental in supporting a wide array of initiatives, from managing the media aspects of jackpot buys to orchestrating the launch of the new Monday night Powerball campaign to helping strategize and promote the 50th anniversary of the Rhode Island Lottery.

Our comprehensive approach to media strategy and buying encompasses a deep understanding of the lottery’s objectives, allowing us to craft campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive engagement. Through our collaboration, we have ensured that each campaign, whether it’s introducing the Monday night Powerball or celebrating decades of success, we over deliver.

As the Rhode Island Lottery continues to be a pivotal part of the state, DDL Advertising remains committed to providing the strategic support needed to amplify their message and reach. Together, we celebrate the past achievements and look forward to future successes, strengthening the bond between the lottery, its players, and the community it serves.

Check out all of the work we have executed and kind words our client has shared about working with us

Paul Masse

For over a decade, the DDL Advertising team has had the pleasure of collaborating with Paul Masse, nurturing a relationship that goes beyond mere business dealings. Our shared journey has enabled us to oversee the marketing and advertising strategies for their three Rhode Island locations with a sense of pride and commitment. Their family-owned ethos adds a personal touch to our partnership, one that we deeply value.
In celebrating their landmark 30th anniversary, DDL Advertising took the lead in broadcasting this significant milestone, ensuring the festivities resonated throughout the year. Our decade-long association has been marked by a consistent delivery of comprehensive advertising services. We excel in strategic media buying, maximizing visibility for the Paul Masse dealerships and solidifying their presence as a leading name in the automotive industry across Rhode Island and New England. Our team helps cherry pick community related events for the Paul Masse team to be part and/or sponsor. We pride ourselves on effective placement in all media channels and prime programming such as the Super Bowl and Olympics.

Our collaboration extends to managing both the internal and external design needs of the Paul Masse brands, across paid and organic channels. Together, we are committed to driving forward with innovation, dedication, and a shared vision, ensuring the Paul Masse dealerships continue to lead as industry pioneers.
Check out all of the work we have executed over the years and some BTS.

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