We successfully ran several digital marketing campaigns for XO Cafe and Ten Prime, a restaurant that is part of the Chow Fun Food Group, a family of Rhode Island’s best restaurants.


In the beginning of December, we were tasked with creating a series of digital campaigns to drive customers to the Chow Fun Food Group restaurants, with an emphasis on XO Cafe and Ten Prime. We designed graphically appealing sliders promoting their gift cards, accepted at any of their family of restaurants, private parties, New Year’s Eve reservations, and 20 year anniversary reservations with exclusive 1997 menu prices.


The private party campaign did not perform as well as anticipated, so we shifted the budget over to optimize gift card promotion. We shifted dollars according to best performance and optimized the budget to deliver the most effective KPI. Results revealed over 72 reservations booked with 210 covers. In a year over year analysis, there was an increase in 9 overall reservations with 27 more covers, resulting in a ratio of 3 covers to 1 reservation. Total reach exceeded 65,000 people with 166,000+ impressions.

      We ran two different creatives for the “dine like it’s 1997” campaign, one being static and the other a video slider ad. Both ad sets were successful in delivery, but the video slideshow outperformed with higher link clicks and a lower cost per link click, delivering slightly better results than the static ad.

      Above is our ad design for their “Dine Like It’s 1997” 20 Year Anniversary promotion. This was a unique way to drive customers to the restaurant with exclusive prices and gourmet dinners.

      We reviewed results in the back end of the OpenTable account and confirmed a total of 26 reservations and 69 seat covers. We estimated that it would result in roughly $30 a person and with an $800 investment, we generated over $2000, giving a 2.5x return on investment.  This campaign delivered a strong frequency of seeing the ad an average of 2.5 times per person with 30,000 unique viewers. Below is a week to week comparison showing the progress of OpenTable reservations.

      The highest performing campaign was the 20 Year Anniversary campaign with a reach of 29,605, impressions totaling 71,407, and 834 link clicks. This promotion was a unique way to drive customers to the restaurant where they could “dine like it’s 1997” with exclusive menu prices and gourmet dinners.

      At the conclusion of this project, we were happy to deliver these results to our client with 2.5x their investment and 166,000+ impressions. We anticipate more exciting projects to come in upcoming months.

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