A logo is sort of like the soul of your company. Your identity. It can say so much and yet nothing at all. Let DDL help you create or update a logo that illuminates who you are!

From startups to fortune 500 companies, we can design logos for any industry whether it be a casino, restaurant, auto dealership, non-profit, law firm, beauty, or even an industry that doesn’t exist yet!

We also design a lot more than logos at DDL. Creative graphic design work is one of our core specialties. We can help you with any of the following:

Marketing collateral/print design: We can assist with all of your marketing needs, whether it’s printed deliverables or a presentation design, we can help maximize the look and feel of your portfolio. From brochures to promotional advertisements, we can ensure brand continuity and offer an eye catching way to visually communicate your brand to your audience.

Social media design: There are many opportunities to market through social media. Between paid ads and organic posts, there is a wide visual range to bring your ideas to life while gaining exposure to your target audiences.

Designing for web: Your website is a place to establish your identity and engage users. We can help curate visual elements throughout your website to make the user experience more pleasing. We can design website headers specifically catered for your site while keeping brand continuity.

Digital campaigns: If you are thinking of launching a digital campaign, this is a perfect opportunity to create a design concept that will attract a user’s attention. This can be applied through various mobile/web banners and advertisements that will cohesively communicate your message.

So if you’re looking to bring your brand or business to life with printed or digital material or need a logo design, give DDL a ring! We have over 40 combined years of experience with all facets of creative design, formatting, and more to help you visually showcase your business the way you imagined.