We were excited to help partner our client, Seasons Corner Market, with the Pawtucket Red Sox for a sponsorship package! This exciting partnership includes tons of added value for the complete 2018-2020 investment including physical advertising and social media inclusion. Seasons will receive exposure in signage, electronic and broadcast media, video boards, ticket promotion, and hospitality benefits throughout this 3 year duration. 

The PawSox are a Minor League baseball team out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island and an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Their home ballpark is known as McCoy Stadium, named in honor of Thomas P. McCoy with a seating capacity of 10,031.

This sponsorship delivers quality branding opportunities and exposure for Seasons Corner Market, a new england C-Store favorite throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 92% of PawSox fans have purchased from a convenience store in the past week with 71% being more likely to have made a purchase at Seasons particularly. Wow! Better yet, 51% of their fans are from Rhode Island and 41.5% are Massachusetts residents, so what better way to reach Seasons’ core customers than through a partnership with the PawSox? That’s pretty powerful for this Shell station convenience store.  

From scoreboard backlit signage to an exclusive first ever sponsorship of dugouts, there are tons of prime branding opportunities for Seasons to increase consumer awareness. The dugout branding includes promotion on top of and inside both field dugouts, which are prime areas for television viewing.

Above is a mockup of the Back-Lit Ad Panel on the Left Field Scoreboard
Pawsox Facebook page promoting clips from the TV broadcast on their social media including the digital logo

But it doesn’t stop there. Seasons is doing a heck of alot more sponsoring digitally on social media with the Homerun Tracker and the Pawsox’ digital scoreboard during TV broadcasts. Seasons will be the presenting partner of the Homerun Tracker, a social media run homerun update including the distance and score. Upon every PawSox home run, Seasons’ social media handle will be tagged, typically on Twitter. In addition, their logo will appear under the digital scoreboard during each TV broadcast, acting as the sponsor of the game score as shown below.

Image of the digital scoreboard logo representation during TV broadcast

Other traditional advertising will premier including exposure as the partner of the pre-game radio show on News Radio 920 and commercials broadcasted on MyRI TV station.

Also included in this sponsorship package is the free ticket program in which Seasons is provided with one free GA ticket that users can win via the Seasons Corner Market app by sending users a link to a promo code to receive it. In addition, they are given 500 general admission flex tickets, two 20 person suites and two 150 person BBQs!

Overall, this partnership delivers on gaining exposure through the promotion of Seasons Corner Market on a number of advertising vehicles. From social media inclusion with the Homerun Tracker to traditional spots, Seasons is bound to get a big bang for their buck in this $38,400 investment with the Pawtucket Red Sox! Tune in to The New England Sports Network (NESN), covering PawSox baseball for 24 seasons, or The Ocean State Networks (Cox Channel 5) to watch the PawSox telecasts and see Seasons’ sponsorship assets!

This partnership includes valuable assets focused on and around the 2018-2020 PawSox seasons. Signage includes scoreboard backlit panel and dugout branding opportunities. Media refers to social media inclusion with the Homerun Tracker and broadcast with radio, television, and the digital scoreboard. For every homerun hit by the PawSox at McCoy Stadium, there is social media reference with the Homerun Tracker. They will also be mentioned during the pre-game radio show and in two :30 spots per radio broadcast. For the videoboard, Seasons will receive a pre-game commercial. Ticket promotion includes a free general admission ticket accessible through the Seasons app as well as 500 flexible tickets, 300 bbq tickets, and two 20 person suites mutually agreed upon during the 2018 season.

Digital Scoreboard Logo on TV
Dugout Branding inside and on top of both dugouts prime for television viewing

We helped put this amazing partnership together and what better way to reach Seasons’ core customers than through a Pawsox partnership? 92% of PawSox fans have purchased at a C-Store in the past week and 71% are more likely to have made a purchase at Seasons in the past week. Even better, 51% of fans are from RI and 41.5% are Massachusetts residents, further supporting Seasons’ locations being in those two states. That’s pretty powerful for a corner market like Seasons!

With this proposal, Seasons will gain traditional exposure as well as social media inclusion.

This silver sponsorship includes Seasons being the first ever sponsor of dugouts at McCoy Stadium. As the middleman helping to execute this partnership, we provided collateral and processed the partnership proposal between the Pawtucket Red Sox and Seasons Corner Market.