DDL has stepped into the millennial world of influencer marketing. We partnered up with a viral, local TikToker and created magic for our client Seasons Corner Market. For those of you who use TikTok, you may know the name Ian Brownhill, aka The New England Guy. His character is exactly what we wanted for this New England-based company.

Here’s how it went!

The Process

Before every shoot began, DDL and Ian would meet for a brainstorming session. This included discussing key objectives that needed to be met, ideas for content creation, stories to tell and plan of attack. 

DDL was in charge of managing Ian and being the main point of contact for him to schedule shoots, discuss logistics and more. 

The partnership was used to leverage different fan bases and audiences with a wider reach. Seasons wanted to target the younger demographic that uses their stores – ages 16-30. Ian posted the videos to his TikTok and Instagram pages, while Seasons posted them to their Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Aside from social media content, Seasons also used Ian to help with gas pump videos (you may have seen him on the pump while getting gas!)

DDL Advertising also implemented a special link for Ian to promote on his pages. This was a way for our team to track clicks, impressions and provide some sort of “ROI” for this campaign.

The Filming

Shoot day was simple: film Ian doing his thing and make sure all of the key points were hit. DDL helped Ian in filming his skits, while Ian did the editing. 

For this partnership, Seasons wanted their Fuel Rewards sign ups to increase and to bring awareness to the program. Additionally, we incorporated monthly specials, new promotional items, charity efforts and their mascot, Sunny. 

The goal was to make it funny, relatable, and informative.

The Results

Check out some of the videos we created:

Gas Pump Video

The Responses


The Results

Now that you’ve seen the finished products, let’s see what our data shows. Here are the results from Ian’s personalized link and Google Analytics pulled from July 2022 – October 2022

  • Ian’s link generated: 164 sessions, Unique Page Views 168, Avg page Duration 1:10 Minutes
  • Google Analytics data: July – Current: 9,824 sessions, Unique Page Views 9,863, Avg page Duration 4:39 Minutes

Below are the social media results from Ian’s platforms and the Seasons’ platforms:

Our team put some money behind these videos and boosted them across Seasons’ Facebook and Instagram. Here are some results of a boosted ad:

Influencer marketing is prevalent in today’s social media marketing world. People are compelled to buy or try things based on an influencer’s review of them. In this instance, we weren’t selling anything – instead we were displaying brand awareness and encouraging viewers by using an influencer’s likeness. It’s a win-win. Our tactic proved to be beneficial for Seasons, as their numbers increased in Fuel Rewards sign ups and impressions/engagement across social media.

Let us help you start your influencer marketing journey. We have the hook up!