DDL Joins Community – Text Message Marketing

What is Community? 

DDL Advertising is joining Community and we are here to tell you why you should too. Community is an instant and direct communication with the people you want to reach by text messaging. You are able to sign up by texting (323)-310-2202, choosing a pricing plan and getting approved within 72 hours. You can promote your number via your social platforms, email, or any way you connect with your community. You can use Community’s iOS app or Community’s web interface. With Community you get unrivaled engagement, can message by age, location or interest, instant reach, and 90%+ open rates. Your community phone number allows you to message one person in your community or a thousand. 

The Difference Between Community and Social Media

Community’s personal approach allows your audience to feel important, inclusive, and heard by communicating directly with them via messaging. With community, you are able to send any media over text, including text messages, emojis, voice messages, photos, videos, GIFS, and Links. 

Pros and Cons 

There are a variety of pros when it comes to Community. With Community, leaders can access the platform from anywhere, whether they are in the US or outside the country. Community does not sell ads or personal data. There are no hidden agendas or distractions, Community is an honest two-way communication that is direct, instant, and real. There are millions of people texting with Community Leaders right now. This means you as a Community Leader can reach a large number of people. There are success stories up on the Community website, which highlight entrepreneurs, artists, clothing brands, and small businesses that have generated success by using Community. 

 Though there are many pros to Community, there are also cons. Currently, Community does not offer the ability to import your contacts into your Community account. This can be a hassle when trying to bring your current audience into the community. Community members must be residents of the US or Canada, which can affect international audiences. There is a 400-character message size limit from the Community’s mobile app or through web interface. This may limit your message to your audience. Though Community only utilizes information that you provide when you sign up, your information, like your contact information and messages you have sent, will be visible by the Community Leaders even if you delete your account. 

How DDL Can Help Get Businesses Started 

DDL Advertising’s ability to have total access, total reach, and total control over its community of businesses, would allow us to grow and evolve. By building our own community, DDL will be able to connect with countless businesses and discover new and prospective customers. If you want to see what direct connection with your audience can do for you.

Text Community and Join Us at (323) 310-2202