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6 Exceptional YouTube Influencers

Reading about these top six YouTube influencers may make you want to change your career path…  DDL explored the top YouTube influencers who are really making a name for themselves with millions of subscribers who tune in on the daily to hear what they have to...

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Candy Corn: The Fruitcake of Halloween?

When you think Halloween, several things come to mind. Besides jack-o-lanterns and costumes, candy is what many associate with the holiday; most iconic of which is candy corn. Only at this time of the year is it widely available and most Halloween decorations...

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8 How-To’s for Building a Successful Landing Page

Why Are Landing Pages So Important? In short, a landing page is a web page in which an online user lands. It’s a part of the ‘funnel’- ya know, the path a consumer takes in the buyer’s journey that eventually filters waste and results in leads? Not so fast… a...

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Geofencing & How Advertisers Are Getting Even Creepier

It is without doubt that mobile advertising is overpowering traditional desktop. Many businesses are shifting gears toward targeting very specific audiences based on their interests, location, behaviors, and other individual characteristics. Mobile geofencing is one...

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SEO Best Practices

Optimizing your pages for organic search results placement is one step in building a strong online presence. Improving SEO practices is one of the many things we do for our clients here at DDL Advertising. We work to improve search rankings for our clients all with...

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How to Effectively Target College Students

Categorizing college students as Millennials has become an almost buzz word to describe this demographic. The age range for Millennials is still contested. However, it has been suggested that this generation consists of people who were born between 1977 and 1994....

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Radio Over & Out? Think Again.

Radio is not out. I repeat, radio is not out. Over. Traditional radio is still a very relevant way to reach your target audience. According to Nielsen, traditional radio is an area advertisers can utilize and gain the right return for their investment. Radio exposure...

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OSCU Rebrand

DDL was contracted early in 2017 by a well known local credit union in Rhode Island for a complete name change and business rebrand. For the past 67 years, members have known it to be Coventry Credit Union. It changed to become Ocean State Credit Union.  ...

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7 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The hype around the artificial intelligence industry is comparable to the uproar when the first computers launched in the 80s. With such innovation comes societal fear and excitement for what is to come as people question its potential capabilities. They are...

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