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What is Streaming Audio & Video?

Streaming video and audio advertising services provide an innovative platform for brands to reach audiences where they are most engaged, leveraging the growing popularity of online streaming services and platforms. This approach focuses on creating compelling video and audio ads that resonate with viewers and listeners, capturing attention and driving action. With targeted strategies and data-driven insights, ads are placed in front of the right audience, maximizing reach and impact. The service encompasses creative development, campaign planning, and analytics, allowing brands to connect with audiences in a personal way, enhancing the effectiveness of digital campaigns in the ever-evolving media landscape.

DDL Streaming Ad Capabilities

Streaming Audio

Streaming audio advertising offers brands the opportunity to connect with audiences through targeted audio messages in music streaming services, podcasts, and internet radio. The process starts with the production of captivating audio content, followed by strategic distribution to reach specific listener demographics, and concludes with the measurement of ad performance to refine future campaigns. Key platforms for audio ads include Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora for music streaming, various popular podcasts, and internet radio platforms like iHeartRadio. This form of advertising allows brands to engage with listeners in a personal and impactful way, leveraging the power of sound.


DDL Advertising specializes in cutting-edge streaming audio advertising, connecting your brand with audiences in a uniquely personal way. From creating memorable audio content to strategic distribution across music streaming services, podcasts, and internet radio, our approach is designed to maximize impact and engagement. We harness the power of sound to tell your brand’s story, leveraging listener data for targeted outreach and using performance metrics to continuously refine your campaigns. With DDL Advertising, your message becomes an integral part of the audience’s listening experience, building brand affinity and driving action.

Streaming Video

Streaming video advertising enables brands to reach audiences through compelling video content across various online platforms. This approach involves a three-step process: creating engaging narratives that reflect the brand’s identity, targeting these ads to relevant audiences based on sophisticated data analysis, and measuring campaign performance for ongoing optimization. Utilized platforms include OTT services like Netflix and Hulu, video sharing websites such as YouTube, and social media streaming on platforms like Facebook Live and Twitch. This strategy offers brands a dynamic way to capture attention and drive engagement in an increasingly digital world.


OTT (Over-The-Top) advertising refers to the delivery of ads directly over the internet to streaming media services, bypassing traditional cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms. This method allows brands to reach audiences who prefer streaming content on devices like smart TVs, computers, and mobile devices, offering targeted and measurable advertising opportunities.


CTV (Connected TV) advertising targets viewers who use internet-connected televisions to stream video content. This approach enables precise audience targeting and real-time analytics, allowing advertisers to deliver personalized ads to viewers watching shows on smart TVs and devices connected to TVs, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of ad campaigns.

At DDL Advertising, we leverage the dynamic realm of streaming video to craft immersive advertising experiences that captivate and engage. Our expertise in creative development, targeted placement, and performance analysis ensures that your brand not only reaches but resonates with your desired audience. Through strategic use of platforms like OTT services, video sharing websites, and social media streaming, we empower your brand to stand out in the crowded digital landscape, driving meaningful engagement and measurable results.

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