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What is it?

Spaceback is a marketing advertising strategy that bridges the gap between social media content and programmatic advertising. Spaceback allows brands to seamlessly convert social media posts into display ads, maintaining the authenticity and engagement of social content while leveraging the broad reach of programmatic networks.

Spaceback focuses on enhancing ad engagement by incorporating real-time social proof and familiar social media formats into display advertising, providing a solution for brands to amplify their social media presence and engagement across the web.

Spaceback creative has proven to be 5x more effective in brand lift & consideration

Spaceback Advertising Benefits

Genuine Authenticity

Transform social media interactions into ads, keeping the original's authentic connection to resonate with audiences.

Interactive Engagement

Convert engaging social content into display ads to maintain and enhance user interaction across digital platforms.

Expanded Reach

Broaden your social media content's audience by leveraging programmatic advertising, extending its visibility far beyond its initial platform.

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