DDL has partnered with Seasons Corner Market since their inception. We have provided marketing, advertising, research, web development, PR and more for years, but the onset of Coronavirus threw both of us into uncharted territory. DDL worked with Seasons Corner Market to develop a strategy for their crisis response and display a tone that was consistent with their values, generosity and history of community involvement.

Seasons Corner Market was proactive in taking strong health and safety measures, as well as being one of the first businesses to compensate their employees with a hazard pay bonus. Throughout the crisis, Seasons Corner Market was proud to continue offering essential services and supplies, and took the initiative to raise money for medical equipment to keep our brave medical professionals on the front lines of the pandemic safe. We made sure to capture, share, and celebrate these great moments.

PR Writing: One of the first steps we took with Seasons was to address the evolving Coronavirus situation with a public statement. We provided content to be used on their website, social, digital displays and more. 

Lifespan & Partners Healthcare Fundraising: Seasons was eager to help shoulder some of the burden our hospitals were feeling at the peak of treating Coronavirus patients. Donation boxes were set up in each Seasons store and we managed their press releases to spread the word.

We created 15 second spots to be used as PSA’s on the radio to spread awareness for this cause. In addition, we handled their Press Releases to relay the message to a broad audience.

Since the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in New England, local hospitals responded to the outbreak with courage, providing critical care at the frontlines of this unprecedented pandemic. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has disrupted traditional revenue streams for many healthcare networks, and the financial burdens are apparent. Essential medical supplies, such as masks, gloves, goggles, and isolation gowns are in an ever-increasingly short supply. The relief supplies from the government have been woefully insufficient, and simply not enough to keep doctors, nurses and healthcare workers safe.

The challenges COVID-19 has placed on the healthcare system has been enormous. Without elective procedures, primary care, and out-patient services, hospitals are experiencing financial hardship. Funds are being diverted to respond to the crisis and keep the community safe, but it is becoming harder with each passing day.

Seasons Corner Market is asking the New England community to support the Lifespan Emergency Preparedness Fund in Rhode Island  and Partners Healthcare in Massachusetts. This funding will bolster the ability of the healthcare systems to respond to the pandemic by offsetting unpredictable equipment and staffing costs. Medical professionals are in desperate need of essential medical supplies, testing equipment, and services to support the families of medical professionals working at the front lines. Funding is needed immediately to offer relief.

Donation boxes have been placed at every location of Seasons Corner Market. Any contribution is significant. These funds will be used to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, contain it, and implement the necessary testing to keep our community safe. Thank you to all of the brave medical professionals who risk their lives each day to keep the community safe. It is now time for the community to step up and support the healthcare system.

Sponsorships: We secured sponsorships slots for Seasons across a number of different causes and mediums, including digital, traditional, web and radio. 

12 Salutes to Seniors Video:

WEEI Radio sponsored hour to support food banks of New England:

Social and Digital Ads:

Google My Business: Seasons has dozens of locations across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. With COVID-19 present Seasons had to adjust their typical hours of operations to accommodate cleaning crews and employees. We managed all of their Google My Business accounts to ensure their listings reflected their amended hours.