Rhode Island Interscholastic League is a non-profit organization established in 1899 that works to provide educational opportunities for students to be a part of through interscholastic athletics and to provide governance and leadership to its member schools. Operation Clean Competition is a branch of RIIL and works to spread awareness about Appearance & Performance Enhancing Substances, hGh, dietary supplements, and energy drinks through enlightening Rhode Islanders. 

DDL was responsible for creating a logo and media kit including a poster, digital ads, and social media designs!


We got to work and designed this great new logo for Operation Clean Competition, which was implemented in their media kit used for various events that are held to inform and prevent steroid use among young athletes. The designs will be used digitally across their website and social media.

OCC (horizontal, color)


The poster/flyer is an informative piece to promote the events/speakers for each focus. Each includes a short description and quick facts to engage with the audience and attract people to the event.

Digital Ads:

The digital ads promote the message of each focus of discussion. The same imagery is used to maintain consistency. These ads reinforce te “Live Informed” call out.

Social Media Designs:

The social media designs utilize the same imagery found on the poster/flyer. These are just light graphics that can be accompanied with a social media post.

We designed an informative media kit that promotes three causes that will host events with featured guest speakers. These causes are Eat to Compete, Dangers of Appearance & Performing Enhancing Substances, and Nutrition & Dietary Supplement Safety.

Eat to Compete
Eat to Compete 2
Eat to Compete 3

This collateral was created as a poster with facts and information to give an idea of what the event/ cause covers. For each poster, there is also a banner and social media image