Engaging messaging paired with effective media exposure is a guaranteed recipe for success. Each morning, Southern New Englanders start their day off with 12 News! Viewers would “Wake up with Seasons” Monday through Friday in the 6am newscast with an ad featuring an employee and/or customer with Seasons product’s


We have been working with Seasons Corner Market for a decade, helping them grow their brand and presence through traditional, digital, and paid media. Recently, we were presented with the idea for a television campaign that would feature a series of short, similar ads.

The first step was to find an angle. After brainstorming several possibilities, we were drawn to “Wake up with Seasons.” Over the past several years, the Seasons brand has grown to be a major contender in the convenience market across New England. Additionally, the branding, messaging, and offerings have expanded considerably. Most notably, Seasons Corner Market has opened up three Corner Market Café locations in their stores, with plans to welcome many more. Wake up with Seasons was a way to solidify Seasons Corner Market as a household name.

With the theme in mind, we now had to think of a way to bring this aspect to life with cohesive messaging. Community and quality service are two of the most important points of emphasis with Seasons, so we decided to make a campaign centered around people. We would film employees, as well as the owner, sharing why they enjoy working at Seasons. Additionally, we would film customers answering how they start their day at Seasons Corner Market. These short responses would be edited into 15 and 30 second spots.

Given how difficult it can be to offer a genuine response in front of a camera (and working within a 10-second window!), we figured it would be wise to have some scripts ready to provide for our employees and customers. We still went for authentic replies, but this was just to offer inspiration.

Sponsorship Concept:

10 “Wake up with Seasons” Messages

  • Branded with Seasons Logo and representative
  • Opportunity for 100% ownership of an integrated custom daily feature in our morning newscasts
  • Chance to highlight store products.



How the Sponsorship Worked:

We would create 10x :10 “Wake up with Seasons” custom messages and rotate them daily in the 6am Newscast from Sept-Dec. We would accompany them in a customized 30-second schedule in key programming and WPRI.com video impressions. 

Sponsorship Summary:

Summary of sponsorship elements:

  • 5x weekly custom morning messages in the 6am Newscast
  • Production of 10x :10 messages featuring a Seasons representative or customer
  • Complete schedule below


WPRI-TV 12 News @6am

30 second spot

15x per month

WPRI-TV 12 News @6am

10 second spot

20x per month

WNAC-TV Fox News @7am-9am

30 second spot

10x per month


250,000 video impressions

Rhode Show

10x per month

The Final Product: