Social Trends: 6 Exceptional YouTube Influencers of 2019

Reading about these top six YouTube influencers may make you want to change your career path… 

DDL explored the top YouTube influencers who are really making a name for themselves with millions of subscribers who tune in on the daily to hear what they have to say! Who knew filming a video and posting it to YouTube would result in fame? Let’s unleash the top 6 YouTubers who seem to have done something right!

  1. PewDiePie — 60.4 million subscribers

2017 estimated salary: $12 million

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg makes an estimated $12 million a year by playing video games. Yes you read that right. He shows his reactions to the games by placing a small box in the top corner of his videos. Kjellberg ran into some major issues last year after a Wall Street Journalist described anti-Semitic messages in his videos, leading Disney and YouTube to cut direct business ties with him. Although there was a little bump in the road, he is still widely popular with a huge band of loyal followers!


PewDiePie, Swedish YouTuber comedian

  1. Germán Garmendia (HolaSoyGerman.) — 33.1 million subscribers

Meet Germán Garmendia, a chilean YouTuber, comedian, and musician. He is Latin America’s biggest YouTube star. Not only does Garmendia focus daily on his HolaSoyGerman account, he also uploads himself playing video games on a separate account called JuegaGerman (24.4 million subscribers). He has won several awards and maintains his record as the top Spanish- speaking YouTuber. This very successful YouTube influencer even played the voice of Julian in the Spanish Ice Age: Collision Course! Now that’s something to talk about!


Germán Garmendia, AKA HolaSoyGerman

  1. ElRubiusOMG — 27.3 million subscribers

Yet another spanish YouTuber, Rubén Doblas Gundersen, also known as El Rubius or elrubiusOMG, is known for more than just playing video games. He does walk-throughs, reviews, and more, while adding a great deal of humor to keep viewers engaged. He published an interactive book called “Troll” in 2014. Not to mention, he earned YouTuber of the Year in 2016! 

  1. Whinderssonnunes — 26.7 million subscribers

Finally, a YouTuber who doesn’t specialize in playing video games. Whindersson Nunes is a 23-year-old Brazilian comedian and vlogger. He began his YouTube career at the young age of 15 and continues it today by uploading parodies, songs, movie reviews, and videos about his daily life. He is primarily known for his comedic spin!

  1. Canal KondZilla — 26.6 million subscribers:

Konrad Dantas is a young, Brazilian music video director who has shown to be extremely successful in a very short amount of time. Known as Canal KondZilla, he has one of the fastest growing pages on YouTube. His channel features music and video production.

  1. Jenna Marbles — 17.7 million subscribers:

Ahh yes, Jenna Marbles! Named after owner, Jenna Nicole Mourey, and her dog, Marbles, this American YouTuber creates vlog-style videos that surely engage her followers. Her most popular videos include “How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk to” with 36 million views and “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking” with 66 million views! Those sound like some interesting topics! Her videos are candid, slightly profane, and humorous. She is an ordinary person and easily relatable to her viewers.

Okay… That’s Great and All But How Does YouTube Influencer Marketing Actually Work?

No influencer marketing platform delivers a better return on investment than YouTube. With an audience of over 1 billion, YouTube not only offers a visual branding opportunity, but also an attributable traffic to your site. Many popular brands use influencers to their advantage to educate viewers about their product or service, in turn, driving conversion. Most influencers use direct response ads including a promo code of a unique link to a brand’s website, driving the viewers straight to purchase.  


Finding the right influencer for your brand may feel overwhelming with so many channels to choose from. Platforms such as Reelio and AspireIQ help connect brands with YouTube influencers and make the process that much easier. National brands like Loreal, Hello Fresh, L.L. Bean, and more use platforms like these!

YouTuber Influencers Can Shape & Influence Culture!

Utilizing YouTube content creators is a beneficial way to boost brand involvement and influence customers. According to Huffington Post, influencers are four times more effective at driving lift in brand familiarity than those with celebrities. Fans feel connected to the influencers they view on a daily basis and eagerly await the next video to be uploaded. They begin to love and trust the influencer, buying into whatever the influencer recommends. Many believe that YouTube influencers have a large impact on shaping culture and trends. In fact, according to Mediakix, 70% of YouTube viewers believe YouTubers change and shape culture.

So if you’re looking to grow the popularity of your brand and boost sales, you may want to consider using a YouTube influencer!Interested in learning more about up and coming marketing techniques? Check out our geofencing blog here!Sources: Business Insider, HootSuite, influencermarketinghub