Tips To A Successful Marketing Campaign

When creating a campaign for your brand, there are so many factors to consider: Will this campaign receive a positive response? How will my audience react? Does the campaign have a clear objective or storyline? While there are some campaigns that are unforgettable, some businesses fail to create one that has the world buzzing about it. 

Peloton, the maker of high-end exercise equipment, recently faced backlash over a holiday commercial they released. The 30-second ad included a storyline of a husband giving his wife one of the stationary bikes as a gift for Christmas. The wife is shown enjoying her bike journey as she records her daily exercise sessions and is seen using the bike frequently. The controversial ad received harsh backlash after its release due to awkward formatting, sexism and unhealthy body image. Many complaints featured comments about how the wife already seemed healthy and fit and that the woman seemed fearful when trying out the bike for the first time. Although many advertising campaigns can be interpreted in many ways, Peloton received such malicious backlash that their stock fell by 9% and lost about $1.6 billion in market value. 

Peloton’s main objective with its holiday campaign was to celebrate the fitness and wellness journey. The company enclosed a statement addressing that they were disappointed with the outcome and how some have misinterpreted the commercial. The reaction on social media was overwhelmingly negative and even some publications criticized the video.

So how will Peloton bounceback from this failed campaign? While Peloton has received malicious backlash from their holiday campaign, they plan to bounceback into the year with some new changes. The company is trying to broaden its appeal by marketing its machinery to more of a broader audience. Peloton is introducing a new financing plan for those who can’t afford to drop a couple of thousand dollars on new workout equipment. They are also releasing a new less expensive treadmill and rowing machine, along with lowering subscription fees. 

It happens to the best of everyone, not all campaigns will be perfect. A failed marketing campaign can be the result of bad timing, lack of interest, or not being mindful of your audience. Always be mindful of what is being said or shown in your campaign. Always consider your audience when creating a new marketing campaign, they are your most important asset when it comes to spreading brand awareness and increasing sales. Following these tips can help your business create a successful campaign and avoid failure. At DDL Advertising, we strive to help your business in the most effective way. We always consider the different outcomes when we design and create new advertising campaigns for our clients. Need assistance on how to successfully launch a new marketing campaign? We would love to help, so contact us today!