Unlocking Local Fame: How Local Programming Can Elevate Your Brand

In a digital world, don’t underestimate the power of local broadcasts.

Everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame, so why not use it wisely to talk about your business’ product, service, or story?

*Enter local programming*

What is Local Programming?

Rhode Island has two options: The WPRI Rhode Show or WJAR’s Studio 10. Other States or DMAs (designated market areas) may go by different names, and could be on the national news circuit. National news circuits could look something like this:

During a local programming segment, you will be interviewed by a host and given the opportunity to discuss whatever it is that you want to convey. While nuance may vary by station or state, the contents are relatively similar. Your segment could be filmed one of two ways: live-to-tape (pre-recorded), or live (airs as it happens).

A business like yours has something special to discuss, right?  DDL Advertising, along with station reps, will work together to create a custom story about your chosen topic.

Here’s why you should do it…

Benefits of Local Programming Marketing


Not to brag, but we’ve put Season’s Corner MarketPaul MasseLongplex Family & Sports Center, and even the Boss Lady on local programming segments. Why? Because local programming is a chance for the audience to connect with what makes your business unique. It can be a good place to tell you or your business’ story while reaching new and existing customers.

Take Longplex; they appeared on the Rhode Show a few weeks back, not trying to sell you anything (directly), but rather letting viewers know A) We exist, and B) there is something for everyone at this one-of-a-kind location. By advertising all of the super cool Longplex amenities through the vehicle of local programming, the audience can envision themselves in this space through a more organic style of messaging. 


The integration of the program’s host (interviewer) boosts your business’ credibility, as if to say, “we trust this place because it’s amazing, and you should too.” We know that reviews and referrals influence how consumers make purchases. In this case, the local broadcast host you watch daily could be considered more trustworthy than the average Joe on the street. 

Expanded Reach

Local broadcast marketing also has legs; metaphorically, of course, that would be weird. Not only does the segment air in primetime news programming, but it’s also rebroadcast on the web and reshared to the station’s social media. This expands your potential audience reach to people in offices, scrolling their social media, and basically existing on the internet. With the average American checking their phone 144 times a day, your content will be hard to miss, and your campaign will drive measurable results. 

Low Price Point

The last reason we love local programming is the price point. For a very affordable rate, you will get an entirely produced video segment with talent, talking points, additional videos, and a custom message with rebroadcast on the web and social media. I dare you to find a more cost-effective solution. Actually, no, I double-dog dare you. We will point out that national affiliates could be pricier, but that comes with reaching a national audience.


For the “SparkNotes” version, local programming is one of the most cost-effective, customizable ways to showcase the organic side of your business. Humans crave authenticity and can spot a sale from a mile away. Use those dollars (and DDL Advertising) to create a custom brand experience that will interest people in why you do what you do. Not just what you sell. 

Plus… how cool is it to see yourself on TV?!

Ready for your 15 minutes of fame?