Market Trends: 2018 Small Business Tips

Ring in 2018 with Small Business Success!

With the quick arrival of the New Year, the time has come to shift your focus from cracking open the champagne to building your business and setting objectives for the months ahead. We have come up with a few essential tips for small business success in the new year! 

Warning: inspiration ahead

Start Fresh- Begin 2018 with a clean slate! Buy a fresh calendar to track meetings and special dates and run into the new year head first. Clean your desk and organize files to start the year in a more organized fashion

Don’t Hinder on 2017- Just what it says! Don’t get caught up in last year’s business results from revenue to your return on investment for projects and services. Hindering on the past prevents the flow of new potential ideas. Set new monetary goals and work to stay in margin.

Set New Goals- Set goals that are achievable. Write them down to make them that much more official and track your progress as the month’s progress.


Open Mind- Be open minded to what business opportunities lie ahead. Always be mindful of new things you can learn as having a new skillset is always beneficial in the long run. From networking to new proposals, you never know what could slide across your desk.

Budget- With the close of Quarter 4 and start of Quarter 1 comes budget stress. Maintain a spreadsheet of expenses and budgeting procedures to stay efficient with your $.


Allocate Tasks- Design an organized and detailed plan of which tasks you want to delegate to your team. This is a great way to motivate your colleagues and get things done efficiently. Utilize your resources and get work done!

Motivate Your Team- Make sure to inspire your time while assigning them tasks to complete. Communicate exactly what you want them to accomplish and empower them by giving positive feedback on tasks they have done well.


Building Relationships- Continue to maintain a strong relationship with your clients and business partners. Establish a bond by reaching out and wishing them a Happy New Year and remind them that you are available for any business inquiries. Outreach is key!

Time for Yourself- Most importantly, when business gets stressful, set aside some time to unwind and cleanse your mind.


Success is ahead, but it takes just the right amount of motivation and dedication to achieve all of your business objectives. You’ve already fulfilled the most challenging task of starting your own business, so grab hold of the reins and make this year a strong and successful one! Want some other tips and tricks for your small business success? Check out our geofencing or SEO best practices blogs!


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