With over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience, our team has the requisite infrastructure to succeed in helping meet the goals outlined in the Master Pricing Agreement. We are an agency that thinks outside the box. Among our repertoire is a unique skill set that blends analytics, research, and creative design to produce results that are aesthetic, effective, and measurable with relevant metrics. The DDL Team is replete with strategists, thinkers, and artists with a common goal of elevating our client’s brand and presence. In addition to our core team is a robust network of flex members and vendors to offer competitive prices, quick turnarounds and precision accuracy in performing a specific contract.

Stacey Liakos

Boss Lady, Owner

Stacey brings over 15 years industry experience in sales, marketing, advertising, strategic marketing, media buying, and staff development to her leadership as the founder and owner of DDL Advertising. With a background in TV production she has extensive knowledge of Nielsen, PPM, Arbitron Scarborough Arbitron PPM Passport class completion, and manages, places and analyzes annual media budgets between 2-5 million dollars for several New England based clients.

Looking to grow your business? stacey@ddladvertising.com 

McKenzie Kapsimalis

Savvy Digital Specialist, Account + Social Media Manager, Media Buying, Research

McKenzie is our day to day coordinator for our client campaigns, overseeing and managing client accounts, providing reports and analysis based on media campaigns, print designs, creative development and direction. With a strong skillset in market research, writing, creative, public relations, as well as social media management, marketing, identifying trends and perfecting digital media, McKenzie grows our client’s presence and keeps them on brand.

How is your social media presence? mckenzie@ddladvertising.com

Shane Watterson

Jack of All Trades, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Manager & Website Developer

Shane specializes in public relations, media buying, writing, design and concept development for web, print and media campaigns, and execution of client’s overall needs. In addition to web development and client management, he has extensive experience working with state departments, government offices and joint private-public partnerships, as well as coordinating campaigns with multilingual populations, particularly Spanish speaking individuals.

Are you thinking about a new website? shane@ddladvertising.com 

Natalia Angelone

Design Artist, Graphic Designer, Email Marketing, Account Management

Natalia is our resident graphic design artist and our expert in creative direction, concept development and formatting. She has a keen eye for branding and capturing the image and brand of our clients. With her working knowledge of both print and digital media formats, Natalia’s designs are used across an array of mediums.

Is your design and branding up to date? natalia@ddladvertising.com

Drew Schoettler

Digital Connoisseur,  Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Manager & Website Developer, Email Marketing, Media Buying

Drew is a master with analytics, web development, software integration and implementation. With a strong understanding of systems de excels at creating custom solutions for our clients and has extensive experience in WordPress and web-based CMS systems. His familiarity with overall digital best practices – usability, web writing, information architecture, design, analytics, online trends including mobile and/or tablet, as well as his proficiency with Google Analytics & extensive experience with SEO (Hubspot & Google Certified) makes Drew an encyclopedia of digital solutions and strategies. 

Flex + Extension Team

Owais Mughloo

Tech Connect, IT Professional, Owner + Founder of TechTroid

Wes brings over a decade of experience to the digital marketing and web development world. An entrepreneur in the tech field, he owns Techtroid, an engineering solutions company with a focus on applying technology rather than buying technology. He possesses an extensive Microsoft centric skill set, with multi faceted expertise encompassing a wide range of hardware software and networking technologies, as well being an expert in Cloud Storage & Net Security.

Eric Port

Web Guy, Website Developer, IT Specialist, Email Marketing

Eric has over 15 years of experience in building, designing and maintaining websites. From initial concept to launch, he scoped out and executed dozens of websites for clients across every imaginable industry. Eric ha created corporate web sites, portals and large-scale web applications, develop and design new web interfaces, layouts and site graphics utilizing many different platforms (Adobe, WordPress, Joolma, Shopify, 3D Cart, etc), and has comprehensive understanding of technical knowledge of HTML programming, JavaScript, PHP, and C++. In addition to building sites, Eric is responsible for quality assurance of finished websites including the validation of web forms and links, training users, and setting up, administrating  and managing website servers, domain names, and e-mail accounts.

Victoria Hathaway

PR Pro, Public relations, Crisis Communication, Account Management, Content Writer

Victoria has 5 years of industry experience with arranging interviews, speaking engagements, and other media opportunities for professional services, higher education, real estate, e-commerce, and lifestyle businesses. As a PR consultant she has implemented crisis communication plans to seamlessly deliver key messages, manage clients reputation, and publicize emergency information. Among her accomplishments, Victoria has earned 107 media placements, with 57% being national publications for an industry-leading law firm in Miami. In eight months, generated over 5,000 followers, with 2+ million impressions, for a newly inaugurated higher ed President. Finally, through influencer-generated content across multiple social media channels, an e-commerce client had a MoM increase in revenue by 250%

Carrie Coren

Design Ninja, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Email Marketing

Carrie brings over 20 years of industry experience to DDL’s flex team. She speicalizes in both print and digital solutions, designing annual reports, newsletters, brochures, e-newsletters, marketing campaigns, infographics, fundraising appeals, conference materials, trade show displays, and more. She also has experience with web design , content development, and SEO, as well as branding strategy, business identity and messaging, and logo development. Carrie is also skilled in email marketing (from subject line to content to custom imagery) that results in higher than industry average open rates.

Andre Rock

Movie Mogul, Director, TV + Video Production

Andre is our premier contact for any work involving film or media. with 25 years of experience under his belt, Andre is a proven videographer, producer, director, editor & FAA certified drone pilot. He is the ideal combination of technical expertise and creative direction who delivers professionally crafted videos using the latest broadcasting tools, always attentive to the clients goals and how to best achieve them within the allotted time and budget. Among his certifications he is also an expert in greenscreen, teleprompter, livestream production, life audio capture, voice over and audio editing.

Francesca Caputi

Media Maven
Francesca is a go-to resource for social media account management, media buying, marketing and strategy. She excels in management of client accounts, provide reporting, marketing trends and analysis based on media campaigns. She develops and implements media strategies to increase event attendance, brand awareness, and sales. She also has extensive experience conducting research for multicultural campaigns + communications.

Cindy Umanzor

Bilingual Boss, Spanish Translator
We work with Cindy anytime we have a project that involves working with Spanish speaking or multi-lingual populations. She is brilliant at making sure our messaging is accessible and inclusive.