6 Helpful Halloween Tips

From candy eyeballs to gummy flesh fries, there certainly are some strange Halloween candies out there. National candy brands like Kit Kat and Twizzlers have developed new Halloween flavors to appeal to consumers’ taste buds including pumpkin pie Kit Kats and caramel apple Twizzlers. Consumers are expected to spend $2.7 billion on candy for trick-or-treaters this year.

No matter what the candy flavor, it is most important to stay safe while accompanying your trick or treaters. Here are a few safety tips to ensure a safe and Happy Halloween!

Halloween Safety:

  1. Dress Warm:
    October 31st is in the midst of crisp fall weather so make sure you and your child dress warmly. Wear comfy pants and sweatshirts under costumes to avoid chills or buy a practical outfit that is both cute and warm!
  2. Stay Visible:
    Wear reflective strips and bring a flashlight to steer clear of cars. By wearing bright clothing and carrying a flashlight, you help drivers see. Glow sticks are also a fun way to get your kids to practice safety while navigating from house to house. Remind your child always to look left and right while crossing the street!
  3. Go to Well Lit Houses:
    Avoid houses that have their lampposts or front porch lights off as they don’t want to be bothered. Neighbors may not be home or don’t wish to participate in this ghostly night!
  4. Check Candy:
    ALWAYS check Halloween candy and toss anything that looks suspicious! No matter how much you trust your neighbors, it is still best to check for tampered candy. Inspecting bags for homemade treats, ripped wrappers, and candy that isn’t in its original wrapper is the best way to ensure safety.
  5. Stay in a group:
    Ensure that your child sticks with a group and encourage them to exchange cell phone numbers with their friends in case anyone gets split up. Traveling in a pack will deter strangers from approaching your children and allow for a better time!
  1. Be Cautious of Hand Me Downs:
    Make sure hand me downs aren’t so big that they cause your youngster to trip while trick-or-treating. Second-hand costumes help to save a few pennies, but your child’s safety is number one!

Halloween is a time for fun and haunts, but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry! Choosing a cute and practical costume doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny and practicing these safety tips will ensure you and your family a happy Halloween. October 31st falls on a Tuesday this year, so limit the amount of sugar your child indulges in with school early the next morning! (All information via National Retail Federation)


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