Snapchat – More Than Just Cute Filters

It can be overwhelming with all of the different digital platforms you can advertise on. Programmatic Display, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Pandora, Yelp!, Cable Streaming, HULU…MAN. Exhausting. Just in case you had a little more fight left in you, there is another advertising outlet you can exploit, Snapchat.

Yes, we’re all aware of the cute face recognition filters that show you as a bunny, or with the “Snapchat Crown”, the Sponsored Geo-Filters that you can use as a part of your business, community, event, nonprofit, etc. But…now Snap is incorporating more agency services and a self-service ad placement platform, giving agencies and businesses alike to use post ads that were solely available to national advertisers and large agencies. Alongside this update, a new program has been launched for agencies entitled Snapchat Certified Partners Program, giving educational training from a team at Snapchat to keep the account managers and marketers in the loop.

  • Snapchat Dog Filter
  • Kim Kardashian Snapchat Crown

It’s like having a Skype or Google Hangout video call with your personal Snapchat expert essentially whenever you need them. They start with several hours of education on how the platform works, what your wanting to advertising, the target demographic they can assist you with for correct placements as well as how the implementation process works.

Though this platform is still in its infancy, the power over the younger demographic for video only advertisements can coincide with TV advertisements. Being able to do an effective brand awareness campaign on multiple screens, in a multi-screen generation, seems like a no-brainer. Facebook & Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Radio and TV sound like a solid full circle, mutli-screen campaign with the correct number of “touch points” (effective impressions) to convert at high levels.

ddl snapchat ads

Though that sounds like a lot of money, if you target the right demographic on Facebook and Instagram, zone your cable and radio correctly, win the clicks on the right keywords and now incorporate Snapchat for let’s say…an online discount clothes retailer. Starting with brand awareness on television, radio and Snapchat, and more trackable conversions for Google, Facebook and Instagram can result in high click through rates (CTR), low price per click (PPC), with a high number of targeted impressions. Shifting advertising budgets away from print, billboards, bus-boards, bus stop advertising and all other archaic forms of advertising can bring you TRACKABLE results.

Snapchat has a TON of users in a really tight age demographic, which is why an online discount clothes retailer would be perfect to use. Back to school sales, Christmas sales, spring break bathing suit and beach clothes. The options are endless. So, before you completely cut out Snapchat as just “another social media”, use it as apart of your marketing plan, not the center of it.



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