8 Ways To Building a Successful Website Landing Page

Why Are Landing Pages So Important?

In short, a landing page is a web page in which an online user lands. It’s a part of the ‘funnel’- ya know, the path a consumer takes in the buyer’s journey that eventually filters waste and results in leads? Not so fast… a landing page is not the same as a website. Here’s why: A successful landing page is actionable and created with a specific goal in mind whether it be as brief as driving leads or something that encourages visitors to enter to win a giveaway. Websites provide detailed information regarding your product or service.


What Are the Benefits of a Landing Page:

  • Conversion: A landing page that is designed well and compliments your business leads to higher conversion
  • Credibility/ Reputation: Use a landing page as the opportunity to showcase the values your business stands for. Avoid being salesy, instead make the landing page clear and actionable as to what users should do.
  • Awareness: Incorporating landing pages as well as staying consistent with your other platforms instills familiarity among visitors. Maybe they have heard of your business prior, but never clicked through. Now is the chance to further establish awareness of your business to potential customers.
  • Insight: Landing pages can shed insight as to what performs well, what generates the most engagement, and what is not so interesting to them. With this data, you can make improvements to make the user experience better and drive conversion.

How Can Design Lead to Conversion on a Landing Page?

Now that we’ve gone over the importance, let’s discuss how to design a successful  landing page. Design plays an important role in the success of your landing page. No user wants to click and land on a web page that is bland, salesy, or the opposite, full of text that they don’t have time to read. There needs to be a happy medium…

1. Concise & to the Point: Make sure your landing page is straightforward and actionable. Users want to click through to your page and know exactly what to do next whether it be to provide their email address to enter to win a contest or sign up for a newsletter

2. Visually Appealing: Incorporating images and videos help break up white space and allow for a more enjoyable user experience. Visuals are always a great way to catch attention and provide additional information to visitors.


3. A Call to Action: Why are users clicking through to your landing page? What do you want to communicate to them? Make it clear and easy as to what you want users to act on.

4. Consistency: It’s important that content and visuals are consistent with your overall message and business objective.

Now for the good stuff. After all, it’s all about driving leads and feeding them the information they’re looking. How do you drive conversion?

5. Headline: have a creative and effective headline that is consistent with your overall message and snags your visitor’s attention

6. Seamless Experience: make the UX straight and to the point with a clear and actionable message

7. Incorporate an Incentive: Incorporating an incentive or reward on your landing page will drive visitors to complete a form and provide their information


8. Lead Form- include a lead form that is short and sweet allowing you to collect key customer information including their name, phone number, and email address

So we’ve built a successful landing page according to the basic tips and incorporated conversion tactics, so how do we track its performance?

Great question! Here are a few ways you can track success of your landing page:

Google Analytics: With Google Analytics, you can track how many users come to your site, how they are getting there, which device they used, how long they spent on your page, and more!


Tracking Pixel- Inserting a tracking pixel allows you to determine how many people have viewed your landing page and/ or filled a form

There are a number of other programs that enable you to track the progress of your landing page’s performance. These are just a few. Well, there we have it! We’ve covered the basics of a successful landing page, what makes them so important, and how to track them!


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