The Growth of Social Media & Why It’s Here to Stay!

Social media marketing is not just a fad, it continues to grow and help business succeed by being cost effective, cutting back on time needed to implement marketing plans and increasing sales. We have 5 tips to help you understand the importance and impact of social media marketing and grow your business!

  1. Brand Recognition: Social media can help get your company name spread over a large amount of people very quickly, it makes you visible and able to share important content with consumers.
  1. Increased Traffic: Without social media you have limited new traffic, most leads will come from a previous customer or search words. Every social media account a company makes is a new way for customers to find you. They may just stumble upon you in their newsfeed!
  1. Higher conversion rates: Social media makes your company more like a human and creates personal interactions. This helps convert customers because they feel as though the company is now a person… and people love doing business with people: Not companies!!
  1. Decreased marketing costs: For example, you could spend 6 hours a week, creating new content for your social media pages and get increased traffic results. Given they are well thought out and planned strategically that is. Even paid advertising on social media is relatively cheap, depending on your company size, budget and goals.
  1. Improved Customer Insights: Social media lets you understand what your customer like and how they behave. You can see what people are saying about your company through comments, messages, likes, etc. You can also then target specific audiences based on what they are saying and measure your conversions to make sure you have the right target market.

Get started today, create an account, add content and watch people interact with your company! You really have nothing to lose!

If you are looking for specialized digital marketing help while trying to start your social media presence or need help managing your current social media pages give us a call or send us a message here at DDL Advertising and we can give you all the professional aide, you need to grow your business!


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