DDL Highlights: L&S Automotive Repair

DDL Advertising began working with L&S Automotive Repair located in East Greenwich at the beginning of 2017. We were tasked to take over their social media management, social media buying, and graphic design and have since rendered significant growth from many aspects.  Their Facebook page has a tremendous increase in likes and overall reach and engagement. We ran ads on both desktop and mobile devices promoting L&S Automotive to further increase awareness with 98,000 unique reach, 627,000 impressions, a CPM of $6.92, and 3000 clicks.

Although it was a cost effective budget, we believe this success has come from a consistent social media presence with organic and paid ads. We have included a mix of brand, company culture, and current offers in social media posts to further attract and engage customers. The paid ads were strategically targeted geographically and demographically with men and women ranging from ages 18+, 25+, and 65+ throughout a 10 mile radius, select cities, and the U.S.

Here is some of our creative including a commercial that was sponsored on Facebook.

  • Creative Execution for Statewide Inspections

Below is some of the photography taken at the shop photoshoot.

  • Oil Change Services
  • Tire Rotation Services
  • Exterior Shot
  • State Inspection Services
  • Brake Services
  • Interior Shot

The owner of this local auto repair company, Lenny Lafleur, shared the success from a sales standpoint. “In a year to year comparison from Quarter 4 of 2016 to 2017, sales have gone up by 20% and September and November were historically record months. We love working with DDL Advertising and feel they have contributed to some of our growth.”

In addition, we conducted a photoshoot at the auto shop to gain more inventory on services offered and learn about the equipment the technicians use. With these photos, we are able to leverage social media posts to incorporate their offerings and further drive customers straight to their door. They are launching state inspections into the New Year and the DDL team is looking forward to continuing this client relationship and focusing on some new plans that will be put into effect based off new company objectives.


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