Branding vs. Marketing: Is There A Difference?

Businesses get awesome reputations and long lasting customers from having a memorable brand image and a solid marketing guide! So here at DDL Advertising we want to remind you how your branding and marketing will work together to create an excellent business and beat out your competition! We also want to share the difference between the two aspects.

Marketing is a way to “push” a product or service out to your consumers and in return get better sales. It is selling what the company has to offer in a catchy way and draws people in. Marketing tells consumers they need this product or service because everyone uses it, it’s the best, it’s cool or any other reason the company wants to push on the customers.

Whereas Branding is the “pull”, creating brand loyal consumers and it is the main message marketing strategies are built on. The way a company is branded shapes what consumers think about them in the long run, shaping the characteristics, values and attributes that sets them apart from other companies.  This is what the consumer remembers about the company after all the marketing strategies are finished.

Nike is a great example of how the two concepts work together but are not the same thing. What is the one thing you remember about Nike when you hear the brand name? Just Do It.

“Just Do It” was a marketing campaign Nike came up with but after it finished the “Just Do it” stuck with them as the main message of their branding. The slogan stood for everything the brand wanted the consumers to remember about their values and purpose.

We know companies have budgets and they may question if the cost of branding and marketing is really worth it. Of course it is, but as the company you need to establish what you want people to remember about your company, your market must be well researched and then strategies must be executed effectively. Putting money into marketing will in return pay for itself from all the new and old customers and putting money into your branding will result in: Brand Loyal consumers, long lasting and happy Employees as well as Brand Ambassadors. Together branding and marketing will grow and increase revenue for your company!

If you’re looking for professionals to assist you in improving your brand image and implementing a marketing plan DDL Advertising wants to help you. Send us a message or give us a call and together we can build your business up for success!



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