DDL Highlight’s: Prestige Auto Mart

We were excited to begin working with Prestige Auto Mart including three great locations including East Providence, Westport, and Taunton! The owner & founder of the dealership, Manny Sarmento, has a funny, light hearted personality and loves to go out of the box to make viewers laugh so we knew there was opportunity to be creative and effective by adding some new ideas. 


This family owned dealership focuses on the sales and services of used vehicles including sedans, SUVs, minivans, hatchbacks, and other luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. They have been open for over 15 years and have certainly made a name for themselves already.

DDL Advertising helped execute the following launching just in time for summer. A zoned cable buy focused on specific concentrated areas including the Attleboro, Providence, Warwick, and Fall River zones with Cox Communications. Plus a presence on local radio stations Cat Country and Lite 105 FM that also includes some social media marketing. This was combined with traditional radio they have already been doing on other well known local radio stations.

Cat Country 98.1 helped execute a successful social media and traditional plan

Social Media Campaign:

We got Jake the Cat involved by partnering Prestige Auto with Cat Country 98.1 WCTK-FM radio! In this collaboration, Cat Country proposed a great concept in which Manny helps Jake shop for a car at Prestige, promoted on social media. In this comedic campaign, Jake shops the lot and finds the perfect vehicle, but upon purchase, he doesn’t have a license which makes sense since cats can’t drive! The video transitions into hinting that viewers can be cool cats by buying their next vehicle from Prestige and not to forget their license like Jake did. The video was handled in a light and fun vibe all while encouraging viewers to choose Prestige Auto Mart for their next vehicle purchase.

This social media campaign with Jake the Cat included a commercial video shoot of Jake browsing the lot for his perfect vehicle! Check out the video proof below set to promote on social media.

Cat Country’s Jake the Cat shops at Prestige Auto

This clever spot will be promoted on Cat Country’s and Jake the Cat’s Facebook fan page. This lighthearted approach is sure to get viewers to laugh. Below are some images from the day of the shoot.


Boss Lady smiles with Jake the Cat


Manny and Jeff pose with Jake

Traditional Media:

As with any media plan, traditional radio is just as important to reach the best audience. We collaborated with Cat Country 98.1 to conduct a radio plan targeting ages 18-64 with primarily 30 second spots during dayparts best suited to meet their listenership. These spots are designated to air during prime dayparts like the morning drive and weekend coverage. These spots will also air on a number of local stations like 92 PRO-FM and Lite Rock 105! Stay tuned to hear Prestige Auto Mart’s spots on some of these great local stations!

We helped produce a limbo spot to showcase the great customer service they offer their customers. Prestige Auto Mart bends over backwards for their customers with over 15 years of family experience. The spot incorpoated a humorous spin with the whole crew doing the limbo. Our team attended the shoot to overshadow production and help in the development of a successful commercial. 

Limbo Brand Spot

Manny lifting the limbo stick

Manny does the limbo

We also helped execute a personalized spot featuring Manny himself speaking to the camera! This is set to run on YouTube promoting their extensive inventory of new and used vehicles with overhead drone footage.

 DDL Advertising is looking forward to assisting Prestige Auto in media buying, graphic design, SEO and overall company branding. This family owned dealership has already made a huge splash in the market and we think with our help, they will have even more success, driving customers to their dealerships. Keep your ears and eyes out for these local spots in your area and other great things to come!


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