Are You Socially Savvy? Tips For Building A Strong Social Media Presence

Are you looking to build your social media presence and drive more traffic to your business’s storefront? DDL Advertising is here to help by offering a Social Media 101 class beginning on April 22nd. If you are interested in building your business clientele and developing a strong reputation, this is the class for you. It is no surprise that social digital consumption has transformed the way companies operate and it is a driving force in the world of business. To ensure that your business is on the cutting edge, it is important to develop a strong online presence. Upon attending this class, you will learn about the importance of utilizing social media to promote your business and how to measure the effectiveness and performance of your page. Utilizing social media is a cost effective, easy, and accessible way to build your business. Whether your goal is to learn about the importance of social media or how to advertise on the site, you will be sure to walk away with the necessary knowledge to do so. By learning how to use the tools that Facebook has to offer, you can effectively advertise to your target market and drive traffic straight to your storefront.

What better way to build your business’s reputation than to develop a strong social media presence in which to promote your products or services. The power of Facebook is above other social media platforms since it is more saturated and has the lowest cost for effectiveness. This platform allows users to fully engage and harness what it has to offer. Since DDL Advertising has years of experience in all aspects of digital media, we are able to convey strong insights and instructions on how to connect you with your customers on all facets of social media. Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Drew Schoettler, specializes in social media, cross- platform programmatic display advertising, pay per click, SEO, and local search solutions. With such theoretical knowledge, he is a perfect digital marketing teacher and will help upon your expertise. 

Through the duration of the class, you will learn why it is more beneficial to use the Facebook Business Manager platform and the difference between that and a personal Facebook page. Since Facebook does not allow users to run their businesses through their personal page, Facebook Business Manager provides more options. As a completely separate platform, Facebook Business Manager allows users to grant or restrict access on multiple pages, attach payment methods and accessible documentation methods, and track and report traffic in more depth. By having all of the accounts in one location, it allows for best management practice and organization. As a participant in the class, you will learn how to create a Business Manager account, claim and request pages, and add people to the page. Further instruction will include a lesson on how to create an Ad Account and developing an audience to then create an advertisement. Once you create an account, you will be on your way to engaging customers and analyzing traffic on the page.Advertising your business on this platform is more collaborative and effective than the outdated Facebook for Business. The Facebook Business Manager platform will help to set your business apart from all others.

If you are interested in reserving a spot in the Social Media 101 class, please visit the following link to buy tickets and access our contact form. Click here for more information about location and time.



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