DDL Highlight’s: Meet the ‘New’ Paul Masse

Michelle Masse was fourteen when she started filing paperwork at her father’s dealership. Her father, Paul Masse, is a household name when it comes to local automobile retailers. Prior to her current role as Human Resources Manager, Michelle worked as a service receptionist and ordered vehicles for the dealership. Now, twelve years since the days of paperwork filing and vehicle ordering, Michelle is happy with her role in her father’s company. What’s her role, you may ask? Michelle Masse is the new face of the Paul Masse trio of dealerships.

When asked how she feels about her new role as face of the dealership and how the change came about, Michelle is reflective: “My dad had suggested I do this for some time now. After college, I wasn’t comfortable being the face of the dealership, but [my family] slowly broke me out of my shell and I decided it was something I was comfortable doing.”

Despite being the face of her father’s dealership, Michelle doesn’t feel as though she’s the sole spokesperson of the Paul Masse company – instead, she feels she is one of many spokespeople. “I’m proud of where I work and what my father has built,” she says humbly. “It makes me happy to help represent this company.”

Michelle enjoys the various events associated with the auto industry, particularly seeing new products and attending Corvette shows. What Michelle likes best, however, is a bit more sentimental: “I love talking with our loyal customers and experiencing the family environment firsthand.” Within the next ten years, Michelle will continue working with the dealership but says only time will tell what role she will play there. “There are many opportunities for growth within the dealership, which is very exciting.”
Outside of the dealership doors, Michelle enjoys piano, fitness, and socializing with her friends. And, of course, Michelle enjoys navigating through her social and professional life behind the wheel of the Masse family’s namesake car: a Chevy.



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