RISLA x Pandora – Switching The Dial on Media Buying

AM/FM radio certainly has its place in all our clients’ media buying plans, however I am always excited and happy to mix in some new age forms of media.  We got to do just that after launching a campaign on Pandora. Don’t get me wrong Pandora is far from ‘new” but in my opinion clients in this market tend to be creatures of habit and like to stick to what they know.  Simple research shared that Pandora has 86 million monthly active listeners, and only serve ads to your exact target demo, when they know they are logged-in and listening to Pandora. Pandora employs reliable 1st-party registration data, which results in one of the largest logged-in user bases in the country. By collecting one billion daily data points, Pandora gives advertisers actionable insights on listeners in their target markets.* So I would recommend if any client’s budget allows them to shift or add dollars this form of media should.

During RISLA’s 3Q campaign the objective and target consisted of:

Mobile Audio: Females 40-59 in the Providence DMA

Mobile Display: Females 40-59 ‘Moms with Household Income $50-$100K’ in the Providence DMA

Mobile Audio ads serve to logged-in listeners on iPhone and Android devices, and include a guaranteed 500×500 banner and a 300×250 banner that serves 50% of the time after your audio spot

Mobile Display ads serve on iPhone and Android devices upon user engagement (thumb up/down a song, skipping a song, changing a station, etc)

The plan we launched  would reach 46,301 unique Pandora listeners!

This is the script we ran for our campaign and other elements they needed we delivered

Click Here For Audio 

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–          640×640 display ad

–          300×250 display ad

–          Click-through URL to help track performance

Reports showed the following results at the end of the RISLA campaign on pandora.

• Campaign delivered over 1.3 million impressions
• Generated over 4,000 clicks and visitors spent and average of 4 minutes on their site.
• Campaign reached 44,048 unique listeners

We always strive to do our very best for our clients and love when they are open to trying something new that we suggest. Overall, in our opinion, this campaign was a big success!



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